Force behind our advancement

To the editor:

People who believe in God have valid reasons for the beliefs, but atheists have nothing. They can’t prove they are right, so militant atheists ridicule religion — usually Christianity — to defend their atheism.

All manmade objects, from simple tools to complex mechanical and electronic devices, are the result of ideas in the invisible human mind. None of them could have been made without such creative intelligence.

Paper clips are merely bent pieces of wire, but require mining and manufacturing processes with machines to produce them. No one believes the mindless forces of nature could have caused those paper clips, or that machinery, to evolve from iron ore.

The images of four U.S. presidents chiseled in granite on Mount Rushmore is a good example of human ingenuity. It would be illogical to believe that wind and water erosion, or earthquakes, could have made those images.

Even bird nests need birds to make them, but atheists believe that the entire universe and all types of living things on our planet were created by the mindless forces of nature, not God.

It is not superstitious ignorance to believe that an intelligent, eternal, supernatural supreme being created the heavens and the earth, plus the earth’s various kinds of living things. It is the only explanation that makes sense.

Something has to be eternal. The only possibility is a supreme being — God — and his supernatural power.

Human beings are the most creative of Earth’s inhabitants. Their creativity in art, music, literature, architecture, engineering, etc. is evidence that God created humans to be creators and to ultimately live forever as members of his divine family.

Robert Kohtala