Fair encourages creators of art

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people involved in making the 13th Annual Keweenaw Art Affair a success! It takes a lot of work and coordination by many people to host Art Affair, and this year was exceptional despite the weather.

Keweenaw Art Affair is an annual art sale that is held at Houghton High School the second Saturday of November. Our mission is to promote and encourage individuals who create works of art. The net proceeds are used to support the art departments in local schools and the art community at large. This year, funds were distributed to the art departments in Hancock Elementary, Houghton Elementary and High School, the Community Art Center in Hancock, and the Porkies Artist in Residence program.

Thank you to Houghton High School for providing a great venue, Shirley and Collette in the Superintendent’s Office, Ron in maintenance, Abigail and Melissa, whose art students had a wonderful display, and who volunteered during the show/sale, and to Shelby in the cafeteria. We could not do this without your help.

A huge thank you also goes to Boy Scout Troop No. 207 and their leaders, Scott Ackerman and Jayson Sommerville for all they do to help our artists and the committee with setup and takedown. They are awesome and very much appreciated.

We would like to give a huge thank you to all the artists that braved the weather and showed and demonstrated their art this year. They are: Andrea Aho, Beth Jukuri, Michele Cedarquist, Donna Lenard, Deb Charlesworth, Jan Brogan, Clare Rosen, Rich Pethel, the Buellwood Weavers, Kathy Joyce, Karen Tembruell, Mary Brownall, Melissa Williamson, Amy Forsell, Dave Elmblad, Kurt Heinonen, Chris Schmidt, Nancy Kromer, Sandy Lindblom, Robin Rastello, Cyndy Quello, Pam Hecht, Christine Young, Barb Knapp, Abigail Tembruell, Clarence Fisher, Elaine Hornmowun, Tammy Gajewski, Ginny Langdon, June Klein, Randy Wakeham, Sherrie McCabe, Kris Raisanen Schourek, Melissa Hronkin and the Kivajat Dancers. We are sorry for the many artists that could not make the show, and hope to see them at next years’ show.

Finally, thanks must go to the committee of, Sherrie McCabe, Kris Raisanen Schourek, and Melissa Hronkin, who spend much time and effort making “Keweenaw Art Affair” happen. We look forward to the 14th Annual in November 2019.

Ronda Bogan