Several grounds for impeachment

To the editor:

It is past time to start impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. The Muller investigation is a legal matter. Impeachment is a constitutional matter.

The emoluments clause speaks to personal gain of the president. Making money from people staying in his many hotels to gain political favors is an absolute example. Meeting with Russian operatives at his New York Hotel for help with his election violated our election laws. Interfering with FBI and congressional investigations is an obstruction of justice.

Another dangerous threat to the rule of law is using federal law enforcement against his political adversaries. The Arpaio pardon said Arpaio and therefore anyone else could defy court orders.

Continually attacking the press as “fake news” is a complete disregard of our important First Amendment.

Trump has encouraged police to be rough with persons which violates their Constitutional rights.

By threatening nuclear war he has demonstrated a disregard of world annihilation.

This continuous violation of the Constitution is unfitting for the office of the president and demands impeachment. We all need to call Jack Bergman and demand he take action.

Allan Baker