Vote harvesting legal in Calif.

To the editor:

Nancy Pelosi will now be able to make the next two years a plague for President Trump. Maybe the Dems will launch the 89 resolutions calling for Trump to be impeached. What crimes has he committed? Don’t know, doesn’t matter. They just want him out.

Although the Dems, or Locofocos, as they were called in Lincoln’s time, claim to be the party of the working man, they gladly shipped our jobs to Mexico and China while they sat comfortably in Congress. How soon we forget.

Rising employment figures, lower unemployment rates, tax reduction and an improved economy were not enough to overcome a Democratic dominance of minority voters. The Democrats (or Locofocos) saw soaring voter numbers for a mid-term election, and as they soared, the stock market took a dive. I don’t pretend to know all the reasons for the House of Representatives flips from Republican to Democrat but I am aware of some.

At least six Republican seats in California flipped to the Democratic side, while on election night, it appeared all six Republicans had been elected. The voting machine totals, the absentee ballots and a count of the provisional ballots gave the lead to the Republicans.

Do you think they should have won? Not so fast, dear readers. Suddenly boxes of ballots carried in by the vote harvesters were to be counted.

Say what?

Ballot harvesting is completely legal in California. “Ballot harvesting?” you ask, dumbfounded. Yes. A worker for the party can search for any who have not voted. Then the worker supplies the ballot and even may offer “assistance” (Just make a mark here to vote Democratic) in completing it. All California state offices are now controlled by one party –Democratic.

Once it was a privilege to be able to vote. Now we are fast approaching a situation where the deep state demands that you vote or else.

You didn’t get an absentee ballot? You just didn’t feel up to going to the polling place when you could be seated at home on your sofa sipping pina coladas and watching TV re-runs? Relax, a vote harvester will come by to make your day. Is this perversion of the founding fathers’ ideals limited to just one political party? Guess again.

Just when you believe politicians have hit the bottom of the barrel they come up with a new scheme. Makes you want to vomit, doesn’t it?

Linda Wickstrom

Newell, West Virginia