Dec. 2 benefit was a success

To the editor:

I would like to thank American Legion Post 90 for the use of their banquet room to hold this event. The manager and the employees were extremely helpful.

Next we need to thank all the businesses and individuals that donated raffle items and or monetary donations.

Denise Moyle, Rock House and Mineshaft, Jam Lady, Tractor Supply, Car Quest, AutoPro, North End Framing and Gift, Pat’s IGA, Maggie’s Spa, Louie SuperValu, Taco Bell;

Jeannie LaBonte, Applebee’s, Universal Metals, Americinn Lodge & Suite of Calumet, Copper World, Wreaths by Ms. Cleary, Debbie and John Slayton, Tammy Runnavara, Mary Kay by Melanie LaRoux, Peggy Germain, DJ’s Grill in the Lakes Lounge, Econo Foods, Sayen’s, Sarah Howard, Cynthia Stites, Delaware Mine, Misty Meneguzzo

Thank you to these awesome volunteers: Diane StAmour, Jeannie LaBonte, Sabrina Sever, Keith Sever, Debbie Slayton.

If by chance I have forgotten to mention your involvement with this benefit I sincerely apologize. The benefit was held on Dec. 2 and was very successful. Each and every one of you played a part in its success.

Jeannie LaBonte