Expressing love with good news

To the editor:

In response to David Keranen’s letter in the DMG, he didn’t seem to like when we quoted Scripture or wrote about hell. But that’s what a true born-again believer in God and Jesus is commissioned to do: express our love for God in deed and truth and be a witness to the good news “Jesus Saves”.

I wouldn’t try to scare the hell out of someone; that’s a religious way of getting people saved and fill the pews in their churches. Accepting Jesus as your lord and savior has to come from your repenting heart, to a loving God, not from your self centered brain in fear of going to hell.

I believe every person born on this planet when they have reached the age of accountability knows there is a God and they know they have sinned against God. Let’s go back to the beginning:

God (made) Adam from dirt (something) then (created) in him a spirit (from nothing) and activated his brain (soul) by simply breathing into his nostrils and Adam became a living (being) with a spirit soul and body. Can science do that?

Adam and Eve were perfect human beings created in the image of God. God commanded the man not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for the day he ate of it he would surely die. Then came along the woman. She didn’t believe her husband either but believed a snake, he told her: “You’re not going to die. You’ll be like God knowing good and evil.”

Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit but didn’t die. Was the snake right? No. They were not physically dead, but they were like all sinners, dead men and woman walking. Their bodies and brain were alive, but their spirit was dead, and that separated them from God.

God asked them: “Who told you that you were naked?” God didn’t tell them. The snake didn’t tell them. And like people today they blamed someone else but the truth is they now had a conscience they new they have sinned against God and the wages of sin is spiritual death.

A dead spirit is separation from God. And the only way to be redeemed from spiritual death is to be born again by accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. God loves you.

Jack Sprietzer