Hillary won’t stop whining

To the editor:

Hillary Clinton has been whining since election night that she was cheated when she lost to Trump. She and her weeping supporters still try to convince the public to sympathize with her.

Let’s just think about this for one moment. She claims she won the popular vote and should therefore have won the election. But wait a second, let’s see if she’s correct.

The founders of this country set the rules in our constitution. For over 200 years, candidates accepted victory or defeat accordingly. Now she makes public appearances crying “Russia, Wikileaks, unfair, cheated,” ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

Surely the smartest woman in the world who parlayed $1,000 in cash into $100,000 by betting on cattle futures — with zero expertise in commodity futures — must be able to understand that she lost. (Amateurs have lost everything in commodities speculation.)

Actually you’ve no constitutional right to vote for president. Instead, by indicating a choice for president, one in fact votes for electors in each state who then choose that state’s winner.

The founders wisely saw the USA as a union of states, which means that lesser-populated states have a voice in an election’s outcome. It guards against a candidate simply running up massive vote totals in larger states, with no thought to the smaller ones. Cowboys in Wyoming are thus assured their vote has meaning.

Popular vote is not the deciding factor. We are not a “democracy” but a republic. When George Bush won in 2000 everyone focused intensely on Florida’s close returns. But in the ensuing brouhaha, scant attention was paid to WV: take away its five electoral votes and Bush loses.

Think of it as the World Series. The team which wins four games are the world champions. The Pirates defeated the Yankees in 1960 when Mazerowski homered in the bottom of the ninth in Game 7. It didn’t matter that the Yanks scored twice as many runs as the Pirates. Every game counted for something: lose 16-3 and then win 3-2 and the series is tied. Seven-game totals of 55 New York runs to Pittsburgh’s 27 doesn’t make the cut.

Therefore, Miss Hillary, stop whining and act like a big girl. You lost based on our election rules. If you thought New York and California were going to crown you, you fell asleep in civics class.

Linda Wickstrom

Newell, West Virginia