Wall not best use of tax dollars

To the editor:

I drove our 2008 Subaru Outback across the border twice, all the way to and from central Mexico.

What I crossed was hundreds of miles of … nothing. It was like the Sahara in places.

Anything moving across that can be easily seen from miles away. And it is also highly likely to stick to roadways.

Drugs in particular don’t travel so out in the open. They hide between the bazzillion tons of legal stuff inside the semi trucks, trains, and ships that power our global economy. Bad guys too. Or they use submarines, boats, airplanes, or tunnels. A wall will not stop that.

Do we need sensible border inspection and surveillance? Absolutely. But $5 billion for a wall could go toward sensible technology and border officers, as well as roads and bridges inside the United States.

Those are investments that will generate real returns for taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

Ross Freshwater

Eagle Harbor