Dems guarantee Trump 2nd term

To the editor:

Rashida Tlaib, Congresswoman elected from Detroit, is a danger to this country. She has a mission to stop any friendship with Israel and resist any help to President Trump. Don’t you wonder what happened to the last two generations?

Our schools and universities have really let this country down. Now these young people do not have a clue about the history of this country, or how business works.

They think by taxing the rich they can get money to pay for all their welfare programs. The opposite is true. Cutting taxes increases revenue.

The fact that the Democrats are pushing a “Green New Deal” is proof they have lost their marbles. Climate change is the biggest hoax. This life may end in 12 years but it won’t be from climate change. It will be the rapture of the church.

I’m cheering them on. Go to it! We don’t need beef. No more hamburgers for you.

We can take the train to Europe and Australia. How about Hawaii? Airplanes, cars, and trucks can be substituted by a bike.

Killing newborns will solve a lot of problems. We won’t need more schools.

Who needs electric power? The wind blows enough so we could use that.

The crazier they get, the better. Like the cartoon you ran in this paper, the clowns are loose. This platform will guarantee that President Trump will be re-elected.

I just bought a “Make America Great Again” red hat and wore it shopping. Everywhere I went people said “I like your hat.” Some asked how to get one. There is a lot of support for President Trump out there.

Louis Jean Dahlquist