Mocking war hero unseemly

To the editor:

John McCain learned to fly fighter jets as a cadet at the Naval Academy and after graduation joined the Vietnam War. As a naval pilot he flew off airplane carriers was shot down over North Vietnam where he was taken prisoner along with his men.

After a year of starvation and mistreatment, his captors found out that his father and grandfather were both admirals in the United States Navy.

Hoping to capitalize on his father’s promotion to high rank, the North Vietnamese offered McCain an early release from prison, but he repeatedly refused, saying he would only accept the offer if every American captured before him was released as well. This lead to unimaginable torture for the next five years. John was hung by his arms for long periods until, to his last days, he could not raise his arms above his head.

This was a man who loved his country, a man of honor and a man of courage. For our president to belittle and mock this man, now dead this past year, is an abomination beyond belief. John McCain had the highest values that Donald Trump lacks. Character matters.

Elizabeth Keranen