Only worldview making sense

To the editor:

There is only one view of reality, one worldview, that makes sense of human history, conscience, rationality, and morality, and that is the biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are individuals, not merely white or black, or male or female, or liberal or conservative. We are accountable to a person, our creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. Honestly facing our sins, if we repent and trust Him, we touch reality.

False religions defy reality, defy our own God-given psychology, and produce the conflicts we see in the world today, including the false religion of goo-to-you-via-the-zoo evolution. When a Christian shares her reality-grounded faith, she does so out of compassion and a desire for others to see truth.

One religion gaining prominence in America is Islam. Allah is a lunar deity (moon god in pre-Islamic Arabic mythology). Allah has no son but has three daughters (pagan female trinity). People are worshipping images and statues.

One other concern is talk about border walls and barriers. Biblical times boasted the walls of Jericho. Old world castles sported moats which were safeguards to protect the country’s citizens.

Even John in Rev 21:12 speaks of “a wall great and high” as he describes the glorious holy city, the new Jerusalem. Only the redeemed will enter, excluding all unworthy. By the way, the holy city will be a literal city on a literal earth.

More end-times prophecy is coming to light with the installation of facial recognition systems in 20 of America’s airports. It appears a one-world system of tracking people is being put in place. This sounds strangely like the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13. First it starts with social cards for buying and selling. Then microchip implants and surveillance. Thank the Lord that the pretribulation rapture of the church happens before all these things take place.

Marliyn Sager