Salute to Blue Bolt basketball

To the editor:

After this long winter we’ve all questioned why exactly do we live here? The answer is clear though, because of the people. This community supports, uplifts and goes the extra mile. Without the community support the trip downstate for local sports teams would create a huge financial burden for our small schools.

We live here because of the generosity of the people. Schools are no longer competing but cheering their fellow Copper Country schools on. We want one outcome, and that is success for our community.

On behalf of the DB-TC Sports Booster Club I’d like to extend my thanks. Thank you for your support and generosity. Although the boys basketball team didn’t leave Lansing with a win on the scoreboard, it returned to an eversupportive community. Cheers and signs showed we are the true winner, because we belong to this community, a community that has never let us down.

Please join us at DB-TC School as we celebrate our community April 1 from 6-7:30 p.m. It is our way to honor the hard-working individuals and businesses that supported the travel expenses for our team travel to the Breslin Center.

During this event we will spotlight the team’s accomplishments. Trophies will be displayed, and it will be an opportunity for fans to collect autographs. Mark your calendars.

On behalf of he DB-TC Sports Booster Club, thank you for your support. It’s a great day to be a Blue Bolt!

April Stevens