Accusations can destroy lives

To the editor:

Reading letters to the editor March 9 and 23 regarding falsely accused made made stop and think. “Do any of us really know how close we are to being falsely accused of sexual abuse?”

Are any of you a mom, dad, teacher, grandparent, step-parent, brother, sister, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, cousin or neighbor? Have any of you ever babysat someone’s child? Have you befriended the children down the street? In the neighborhood? Taken the grandkids for weekends, on trips? The list could go on and on.

These are pretty typical events in your life, right? But what if suddenly you were falsely accused of sexual abuse, perhaps by somone you once babysat, neighbor you were friendly to, your own child or grandchild or a relative, and you knew you were innocent?

I’m not by any means minimizing the seriousness of sexual abuse. It is real!

But what if you were accused of something you did not do? That is also a reality, and it could happen to you.

Remember what happened in the 1980s in Kern County, California? The innocent moms and dads falsely accused of sexual abuse, some imprisoned for years.

For more information on that case watch Witch Hunt, a documentary on YouTube narrated by Sean Penn.

If it happened in Kern County, California, where else could it happen? Could it have happened our own local communities? Could innocent people have gone to prison or worse committed suicide as a result of these “junk sciences” mentioned in the March 9 and 23 letters?

Maybe we all are only one accusation away from our lives being completely destroyed.

It’s food for thought.

Donna Ruohonen