Don’t let left take over our country

To the editor:

A recent article I read revealed a growing effort on the part of the left and some in the establishment — yes, Republican politicians — to eliminate the death penalty.

Let that sink in for a moment. They would like to spare the lives of those who are convicted murderers of our police officers, children and neighbors while simultaneously advocating or not opposing late/full term abortion of innocent babies. How’s that for inspirational leadership and logic?

Many who share my values have said they are tired of the divisiveness but fear being called racist if they speak out. They’ve basically “checked-out” and no longer follow current events, which is precisely what the extremists want.

It’s part of their agenda to silence the opposition while ignorant politicians like AOC, Omar, Beto and leftist university professors attempt to influence our young people and the uninformed by rewriting history and trashing our founding fathers and traditions.

Wake up people! While some of you are fixated with reality TV and social media our country is moving rapidly left. If these people ever acquire complete control of Congress and the presidency we will lose many of the privileges and freedoms we currently enjoy.

Don’t wait until they come to confiscate your guns, because then it will be too late. Speak up now and let them call you racist, make calls to your elected representatives, write letters and demonstrate when appropriate.

Take some lessons from the left and become an activist. After all, I doubt you would let someone come and take your home. Why would you let these morons take your country?

Tony Gerstberger