Hancock citizens need to engage

To the editor:

I would like to register my concern with how Hancock Middle and High School Principal Ezekiel Ohan’s contract renewal is being handled by the Hancock School Board. From the data on school achievement that has been received from the state of Michigan (published in the paper), Mr. Ohan’s accomplishments in the Hancock Schools over the last two years have been exceptional. His contract should be renewed, and he should be praised for the exceptional accomplishments he and his team of teachers have achieved. The kinds of improvements in scores that the Hancock team has achieved in the last two years is truly outstanding.

The children of Hancock are not well served by the upheaval and discord at the schools and on the School Board. Retaining effective administrators such as Mr. Ohan should be a high priority of the board. I urge my fellow citizens of Hancock to join me in writing to the School Board and to superintendent Beaudoin (emails here: hancock.k12.mi.us/district-board.php). After the recent board resignations, it is urgent that Hancock fill the two vacancies with individuals who can recognize the steps needed to put Hancock on a better path. We also need to insist that the Board increase the trabsparency of its practices, including sitting down with our local paper and other news outlets so that the public can be informed about the reasoning and thoughts of the board. An open and informed public is essential to our system of government. And it’s needed to do right by our kids.

Faith Morrison