Not fair-minded on Donald Trump

To the editor:

Not guilty of Russian collusion in the 2016 election? Who’s kidding who? Like a dog slavering over a bone, political pundits, media and many citizens at large eagerly awaited the outcome of the Mueller investigation of President Donald Trump.

Robert Mueller, you’ve let the citizens of this country down. After two years of an intensive, largely-staffed investigation at a cost of more than $25 million, a nefarious Trumpian collusion would surely be unearthed. Ah, but nay, empty-handed.

But we’re not done yet. Take Adam Shiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. To this day he insists that evidence of collusion still exists. And if not collusion, then certainly obstruction of justice. No stone should be left unturned in bringing this sordid business to its rightful conclusion.

Maybe we should take a closer look at the Steele report. Let’s take a good hard look at what happened when Trump visited Moscow before the election.

What he did there, according to Steele, after cavorting about with prostitutes is thoroughly reprehensible. In the very same hotel suite, on the very same bed, what did he do after satiating his carnal desires?

He peed on the bed! And so did the prostitutes. On the very same bed upon which our esteemed Barack Obama had slept! Although some state that Trump is absolved of this disgusting act, a lot more is required from this satyr for his past shenanigans. Remember what Stormy Daniels had to say.

Reining in this fractious charlatan is clearly a task for sternly disciplined left-wing ideologues. Let us therefore remand him to the custody of these enlightened, resolute and fair-minded men, that a panel of these stalwarts might pass judgment on him for his untold mischiefs, and mete out upon him the condign desert he so richly merits. Fair-minded liberal, it is your solemn duty to apprehend this unsavory individual. Get a bucket of water and splash it on his nump.

Can Trump be redeemed in the eyes of men? For this we can only hope. A good stiff dose of Marxist/Trotskyite dogma is what this scoundrel first needs. It should then become his express mission to achieve gains here in the USA, the same gains won for mankind by benevolent socialist governments that have sprung up in nations over the entire face of the earth.

Donald Trump, you are far from being a very bad man. Go and reform.

Gail Wickstrom

Newell, West Virginia