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Pregame thoughts on Saginaw Valley State

February 23, 2012 - Michael Bleach
Some (very) quick hitters before the Tech teams take on Saginaw Valley — my seventh favorite valley — this evening.

Come back later tonight to check in for halftime updates.

1. Huskies sophomore Jordan Reetz will be out indefinitely with mononucleosis.

Reetz had been averaging 21.3 minutes per game and 4.6 points per game.

On the sickness, men’s coach Kevin Luke quipped:

"I think if he would have had the option between being sick as he was and dying, he would have picked dying," Luke said. "He was terrible."

In response to his bout with mono, Reetz showed up at practice Wednesday sporting a goatee.

A fan of all things facial hair, Reetz earns a definitive stamp of approval from View From the Bleachers.

2. As Ali Haidar had 36 points last time out against Saginaw Valley, the offense would appear to be business as usual against the Cardinals with one exception.

Whenever freshman guard George Goodman enters the game (12.7 minutes per contest), Luke wants his man posting him hard.

Goodman is listed at 5-foot-10, and yet for some reason my B.S.-detector is ringing off the hook.

It will be interesting to see in person how tall he actually is. And whether or not the offense can take advantage of the mismatch.

3. With women’s forward Taylor Stippel receiving a larger role recently — check out today’s preview for more details — it gives me way to share one of my favorite practice stories.

The women practice each day with two Tech male students. One of them, Kevin Peterson, a Tech student and former basketball player for Houghton High School, will often portray the opposing squad’s best perimeter player.

One day in practice, Kevin had the green light to fire away at will from deep as he was emulating a 3-point gunner. He spotted up from the corner, took aim, let fly ... and saw Stippel close out from no where and throw the shot back in his face.

Stippel then paused, stared him down and mean-mugged him for about a half-second before busting out in a smile.

As this roster photo hints at, Stippel is way too bubbly to be mean-mugging anyone.



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