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Safety, crime prevention tips for pleasant holidays

November 28, 2015 The holidays are quickly approaching, and we decided at the post to dedicate this article to safety tips and suggestions to help us all get through the holiday season safely. more »»

Gun control promotes art of self-defenseless

November 28, 2015 What might have happened if a few of the 1,500 concert attendees in Paris’ Bataclan theater had guns? The terrorists had time to kill, reload and kill agai. more »»

Prerequisites for war against IS

November 28, 2015 We appear to be moving ever closer toward a world war against the Islamic State. No sane person welcomes war. Yet if we do go to war against ISIS, we must keep a watchful eye on five things: 1. more »»

Obama gets really angry ... at Americans

November 28, 2015 Three days after the Islamic State terrorist attacks in Paris, Americans were primed to hear their president express heartfelt anger, which he did in his press conference in Antalya, Turkey, at the... more »»

Bombs, bullets can’t defeat crazy

November 27, 2015 One week, Beirut and Paris; the next week, Mali. The nightmare is young. Where next? The pace and threat of terrorism seem to have picked up, each incident feeding on the previous. more »»

Early returns from Ohio offer candidate impressions

November 27, 2015 COLUMBUS, Ohio — How important politically is Ohio? Of the nation’s first 10 Republican presidents, seven of them — from Ulysses Grant to Warren Harding — were native sons of Ohio. more »»

When expedience feels like wisdom

November 25, 2015 “Let’s stop worrying about people’s rights.” Sadly there are dozens of junctures in American history from which that shameful quote might spring. more »»

Paris attack shifts campaign focus to foreign policy

November 25, 2015 WASHINGTON — The terrorist attacks on Paris have cast a particularly dark shadow over the next American presidential campaign. more »»

Kasich and Matt. 25, revisited

November 24, 2015 This is Republican Go. more »»

Students race to riot on college campuses

November 24, 2015 College campuses are again in turmoil. more »»

Obama sticks to script on IS

November 23, 2015 According to legend, if not actual historians, Harold Macmillan was once asked what he most feared could derail his agenda. The British prime minister allegedly said, “Events, my dear boy, events. more »»

Obama’s policies drove Sunnis into ISIS’ arms

November 23, 2015 Throughout the last third of George W. Bush’s presidency, opinion leaders were obsessed with the question of mistakes. more »»

Clever insults from before English was twittered

November 21, 2015 A picture might be worth a thousand words, but when the words get put together like these from an era before the English language got boiled down to 4-letter words, abbreviations and 135 characters... more »»

Circus politics peril: clown gets elected

November 21, 2015 The next president of the United States will confront a virulent jihadist threat, mounting effects of climate change, and an economy becoming ever more unequa. more »»

Unhappy history seems to be repeating itself

November 21, 2015 Riots in black neighborhoods. Rebellions on campus. more »»

In Iowa, Trump begins his meltdown

November 20, 2015 DES MOINES — You can’t drive far in these parts without seeing Ben Carson on a billboard, looking more like a man of the cloth than of the operating room. more »»

Hyde’s values lost in 2016 Republican race

November 20, 2015 Yes, it is true that, as a political reporter, you do find yourself liking some people you cover a lot more than you like other. more »»

Stop the bleeding over the borders

November 19, 2015 There was a painful irony when France’s immediate response to the terrorist attacks in Paris was to close the borders. If they had closed the borders decades ago, they might have avoided this attac. more »»

This one’s for Charlie Brown kids

November 18, 2015 “You were my little red-headed girl.” I lean over and whisper this as, on the screen above us, “The Peanuts Movie” is playing. more »»

Deflate polls by including full field in debates

November 18, 2015 WASHINGTON — Now that one of the Republican presidential debates has focused on substantive examination of the candidates’ policy views, it’s not too late to address the glaring injustice of choosin... more »»

2 dead, 7 arrested in raid aimed at capturing Paris attack mastermind

November 18, 2015 SAINT-DENIS, France (AP) — Amid gunfire and explosions, police raided a suburban Paris apartment where the suspected mastermind of last week’s attacks was believed to be holed up Wednesda. more »»



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Stretch Drive Math

February 17, 2009 It’s hard to believe that the stretch drive of the winter sports regular season is upon us. more »

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