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Detroit schools debt disaster can’t be ignored

January 16, 2016 Michigan lawmakers have remained aloof toward the financially imploding Detroit Public Schools. That’s in spite of pleas from a wide range of concerned state leaders and Detroit groups, including Gov. more »»

Snyder offers empty words on reform for voters

January 15, 2016 “It’s time to choose people over politics,” Rick Snyder said. more »»

Mammogram frequency is not a settled issue

January 14, 2016 The fact that mammograms can be a way to combat breast cancer isn’t new. However, since people differ on the guidelines, every bit of information on the subject should be considered. The U.S. more »»

Education trends to de-emphasize phys ed unwise

January 13, 2016 We trust a story that appeared on Monday’s front page of the Mining Journal caught reader’s attention. more »»

Lawmakers extend definition of scandalous

January 12, 2016 After Gov. Rick Snyder signed Senate Bill 571, we’re learning surprising new things. more »»

‘End-of life’ counseling slipped into Medicare

January 11, 2016 Millions of older people who rely on Medicare will find the health care program is different this year. Several changes have been made to reduce costs and allegedly improve quality. more »»

Make giving blood lifesaving habit in 2016

January 9, 2016 The American Red Cross encourages eligible donors to make a lifesaving commitment to donate blood to help ensure a sufficient blood supply in the new year, beginning in January with National Blood... more »»

State must pay for justice, not defendants

January 8, 2016 We thought we were making progress when Lansing moved to eliminate one of the state’s most outrageous taxes. Beginning Oc. more »»

Eagle perishes: Get lead out of shotgun hunting

January 7, 2016 The Chocolay Raptor Center has a history of successfully rehabilitating injured and sick raptors. One recent patient, however, wasn’t so lucky. more »»

Muslim nations are partners in fight against terrorism

January 6, 2016 Bravo, to the 34 predominantly Muslim nations forming a coalition to fight terrorism. U.S. more »»

Tell Snyder to veto majority’s election ‘reforms’

January 5, 2016 We wrote in November that a bill to strip Michigan voters of the ability to vote straight ticket was beneath the dignity of the Legislature. In hindsight, we over-estimated the Legislature. more »»

2016 will be good one for Uncle Sam’s creditors

January 4, 2016 Among America’s creditors, 2016 promises to be a good new year indeed. Our national debt will top $19 trillion sometime during the year. more »»

Caution urged on snow-covered winter roads

January 2, 2016 For you snow sports aficionados, the snow has finally arrived, making skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing a lot easier. more »»

Election reform laws headed in wrong direction

December 31, 2015 State lawmakers recently passed another law designed to reform elections in Michigan, prohibiting local governments from spending money to inform the public about ballot proposals within 60 days of... more »»

Lawmakers prove their contempt for state’s voters

December 29, 2015 The Center for Public Integrity, in its annual November report card, said Michigan has the worst state government in the nation in terms of ethics, lobbying, political financing, transparency and... more »»

Relying on Russia is bad national defense decision

December 28, 2015 One wonders what President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s reaction would have been had, in 1936, a federal bean counter suggested to him taxpayers’ money could be saved by purchasing engines for U.S. more »»

Trump taps vein of people’s fear

December 26, 2015 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been nonstop making headlines for his call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States until the nation's leaders can "figure out what is... more »»

’Twas the night before Christmas 2015

December 24, 2015 ’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, the fears of the past year just couldn’t be doused. more »»

Protect access to medical marijuana

December 23, 2015 The Senate failed to pass legislation again this year that would legalize non-smokable forms of marijuana under the state’s medical pot program. more »»

Librarians use Force for good knowledge

December 22, 2015 Not long ago, in a place not far away, Dillion Geshel got a job shelving books at his hometown public library. more »»



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