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Time shall be no more

July 11, 2015 To the editor: Time shall be no more. Time to get right with God — will be no more. Time to repent and reform — will be no more. Time to make wrongs right — will be no more. more »»

Calumet Library fundraiser

July 9, 2015 To the editor: We Friends of the Calumet Public Library held our annual fundraising book sale on June 27, and it was extremely successful. Many individuals and businesses helped greatly. more »»

Alcohol-free graduation party

July 9, 2015 To the editor: We would like to thank those who donated to the Lake Linden-Hubbell Class of 2015’s All-Night Alcohol-Free Graduation Party: American Legion Auxillary Unit 90, American Legion William... more »»

Oak House fundraiser

July 2, 2015 To the editor: Oak House would like to thank the following people and businesses for helping us pull off a great fundraise. more »»

Proof we are in the last days

June 27, 2015 To the editor: Article DMG Saturday 6-13-15 titled: Poll: Most Americans expect Supreme Court to OK gay marriage. This was a very sad, disturbing article. more »»

Universal theme in the world

June 27, 2015 To the editor: In regard to the recent letters on the Noachian flood, I will say, in response to scoffers, that if there are any universal themes in the world’s legends, mythology and literature,... more »»

Violence’s cause is lack of love

June 27, 2015 To the editor: Daily we read of violence in the world. The cause is always the same, the lack of love. The perpetrators hate others because in their own lives there is not enough love. more »»

Passing trails of imagination

June 27, 2015 To the editor: Those residents of the Copper Country finding themselves in Marquette, as well as those travelling to it during Art Week, should give their support to this even. more »»

Sacred ceremony made a mockery

June 27, 2015 To the editor: The inmates are running the asylum. There are few absolutes. Words may no longer carry their traditional meaning. Laws are routinely twisted or ignored. more »»

Guns do not create victims

June 27, 2015 To the editor: I was disappointed to see the choice of words in the headline “Silence for gun victims” on the front page of the Daily Mining Gazette. more »»

The wrong words can kill

June 27, 2015 To the editor: The person calling 911 reported seeing a guy in the park with a gun. “Could be a kid, might be a toy gun. more »»

Mah jongg tournament

June 25, 2015 To the editor: U.P. Kids held a bridge/mah jongg tournament as a fundraiser on Saturday, June 6. Many people and organizations contributed to the success of this even. more »»

Proud to bring home the title

June 25, 2015 To the editor: The Edward Jones Squirt B State Championship team from the Copper Country Junior Hockey Association (CCJHA) would like to acknowledge the many supporters who assisted in our quest for... more »»

Military boot display

June 25, 2015 To the editor: Give Our Veterans a Hand would like to thank Shopko for letting us set up a military boot display on June 22. more »»

Poker Run for Omega House

June 25, 2015 To the editor: We had our first ATV Poker Run from Jaynes L and L on June 6. We would like to thank all that took part. more »»

Getting wet for CLK Rotary

June 25, 2015 To the editor: CLK Rotary Club wants to say thank you to the “victims” who participated in our fundraiser during Brdigefeast. more »»

Much illogic in Scriptures

June 20, 2015 To the editor: There is much illogic in the Christian Scriptures, and First Corinthians, Chapter 11 is a prime example. more »»

Congressional health care fraud

June 20, 2015 To the editor: If you or I don’t buy Obamacare-compliant insurance, we are fined and penalized by the IRS. more »»

Who will really benefit?

June 20, 2015 To the editor: I was told by a man on the sewage and water authority, “There is a large valve bank on the bottom of the hill from the Hungarian. more »»

People clamoring for Carson to run

June 20, 2015 To the editor: Who is Dr. Ben Carson? He is a man of character. He’s not a radical who believes in manipulating the American people, nor does he want to remake America into a socialist nation. more »»



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