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Bibi’s Middle East framing spot-on

November 16, 2015 Americans could learn a thing or two from Bibi Netanyahu. The Israeli prime minister was in Washington this week to receive the American Enterprise Institute’s Irving Kristol Award. more »»

Campus shock troops crush freedom of expression

November 16, 2015 There was a much-beloved quote circulated among leftists, often attributed to Sinclair Lewis, that “when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. more »»

Jeb Bush, underdog: free at last

November 13, 2015 If the truth sets us free, then Bush family members should be warbling from rooftops. At least one Bush, patriarch George H.W. more »»

Some questions to improve presidential debates

November 13, 2015 By wide consensus, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was one of the two breakout stars in the last Republican presidential debate (Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was the other). more »»

Grotesque hype against Carson

November 12, 2015 Dr. Ben Carson’s whole life has been very unusual, so perhaps we should not be surprised to see the latest twist — the media going ballistic over discrepancies in a few things he said. more »»

Gunplay: 4 accidents per 1 defense

November 11, 2015 It was the kind of a statistic that would have left a sane country stunned and shamed. This country barely noticed it. more »»

Toxic inheritance is factor in lackluster campaign

November 11, 2015 WASHINGTON — Poor Jeb Bush, exclamation point! After such high expectations, and through the first few Republican debates, the guy can’t seem to buy a brea. more »»

Journo layoffs diminish you

November 10, 2015 This week, many in my profession are reeling from news of yet another round of newsroom layoffs, this time at the National Geographic Society. more »»

Ryan will take visionary approach as speaker

November 10, 2015 “Where there is no vision, the people perish...” (Proverbs 29:18, KJV) It was George H.W. more »»

Tyranny of polls could be toppling

November 9, 2015 What if the polls just stopped working? Admittedly, this needs work as a plot device for a Stephen King novel. But for politics, it might be pretty awesome. more »»

Christie makes straw men on addiction, abortion

November 9, 2015 “My mother was a smoker,” Chris Christie told a New Hampshire audience in a video that has gone viral. Though she tried everything — gum, patches, hypnosis — nothing worked. more »»

Liberals’ response to dissenting speech: ‘Shut up’

November 7, 2015 “‘Shut up,’ he explained.” That’s a sentence from Ring Lardner’s short story “The Young Immigrunts. more »»

A brief Veterans Day history

November 7, 2015 Veterans Day has long been a part of culture in the United States, but over the decades, the origins of the holiday has become largely forgotten, particularly by younger generation. more »»

Staff of engaged workers is key to business’s success

November 7, 2015 A recent Gallup poll found less than a third of employees were engaged in their jobs in 201. more »»

Veterans Day Events

November 7, 2015 The following Veterans Day programs and ceremonies were submitted to the Gazette as of Friday afternoon. To submit your Veterans Day event, email more »»

A tale most fowl

November 7, 2015 Q: How many birds could a bird-herder herd, if a bird-herder could herd birds? Besides the four-legged creatures on Tanglewood Farm, there are many of the two-legged variety. more »»

The making of a great mine

November 7, 2015 Edwin Hulbert made many mistakes while opening the Calumet mine. more »»

U.S. markets are rigged against us

November 7, 2015 Much of the national debate about widening inequality focuses on whether or how much to tax the rich and redistribute their income downward. more »»

Solemn tradition of paying tribute to those who serve

November 7, 2015 Veterans Day is a day of national remembrance to honor all the men and women, living and dead, who took up arms in defense of America. more »»

To lead we need to think globally

November 6, 2015 As Republican presidential candidates debate the debates, roiling and railing against the unfairness of it all, campaigns have been busy rebooting candidates and crafting fresh slogans. more »»



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