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Rhetoric, reality of motherhood

January 19, 2016 The one good thing about Ohio Gov. more »»

Hillary Clinton: Slip slidin’ away

January 19, 2016 “Slip slidin’ away Slip slidin’ away You know the nearer your destination The more you’re slip slidin’ away.” — Paul Simon It’s happening agai. more »»

Billionaires not buying elections yet

January 18, 2016 Clearly the only explanation for Jeb Bush’s almost effortless stroll to the Republican nomination is the pernicious stranglehold of big money in politics. Oh, wait. more »»

Multiple factions fighting for soul of Republican Party

January 18, 2016 COLUMBIA, S.C. — At a time and day — 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday — when most Americans are sleeping in, the Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity convened in the capacious convention center. more »»

Bernie’s plan to bust up Wall St.

January 16, 2016 If you haven’t yet seen “The Big Short” — directed and co-written by Adam McKay, based on the nonfiction prize-winning book by Michael Lewis about the housing and credit bubble that triggered the... more »»

How American exceptionalism has fared under Obama

January 16, 2016 In his final State of the Union speech Barack Obama made at least a few bows toward the idea that America is an exceptional nation, an idea he once derided by saying, “I believe in American... more »»

New Year’s resolutions — for others

January 16, 2016 Now that we’ve already given up on our New Year resolutions, what I propose is, better late than never, to suggest some good ones for others to consider. more »»

Lower expectations could boost Jeb

January 15, 2016 Reports of Jeb Bush’s political death may be greatly exaggerated. more »»

2016 Democratic nominee will be fighting history

January 15, 2016 History tends to make Democrats nervous about the 2016 White House election. They know that since 1951 and the ratification of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. more »»

Obama’s optimism is distorted

January 14, 2016 In the commercial that President Obama released prior to his final State of the Union address, Obama said he would tell Congress how “optimistic” he is about America’s future. Good. more »»

Benghazi victim’s father ignored

January 14, 2016 For partisan Democrats, when the word “Benghazi” comes up, the sophisticated thing to do is roll your eyes. more »»

Obama’s tear is starkly human

January 13, 2016 He didn’t bawl. His voice only roughened for a moment and he dabbed at a couple tears that straggled down his cheek. As displays of emotion go, it wasn’t all that much. more »»

Obama challenges gun lobby: better late than never

January 13, 2016 WASHINGTON — It took allegedly aloof Barack Obama to the brink of his last year in the Oval Office to take executive action to combat the national illness of gun violence. more »»

President cries, NRA trembles

January 12, 2016 Two of my closest friends are also my steadfast movie companions. It is our habit, whenever possible, to sit in the same row of our favorite theater. more »»

Out of (gun) control, on road paved with good intentions

January 12, 2016 I’m still waiting; waiting for someone to show me how laws stop a person intent on breaking the. more »»

FDR, Obama paved way for Trump

January 11, 2016 There has been a lot of talk — almost all of it accurate — about how Barack Obama’s presidency has fueled the rise of Donald Trump. The president’s fans hate this talk, for understandable reasons. more »»

Many gun-control arguments are moral grandstanding

January 11, 2016 Are you opposed to “common sense” gun laws? These are what liberals like Hillary Clinton are always proclaiming their support fo. more »»

National Mentoring Month — it’s kind of a big deal

January 9, 2016 If you take a moment and think back to when you were growing up, most of us would probably remember someone being there for us — in our corner. more »»

Ending cycle of wealth and power

January 9, 2016 What’s at stake this election year? Let me put as directly as I can. more »»

Negative campaigning breaks out in Republican race

January 9, 2016 Rough and tumble. Hammer and tongs. more »»



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