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Playoff teams and shark bait

April 7, 2015 I am an unabashed San Jose Sharks fan. Most people who know me know that about me. I even have a tattoo on my left shoulder of their original logo. more »»

Pressure can’t hurt Tigers

April 2, 2015 Over the years, I've found that some of my best work has come under deadline pressure. more »»

Coaching does make a difference

April 1, 2015 It's been said that late Chassell High basketball coach Ed Helakoski could have won state championships with the talent that was around at some other local schools during his er. more »»

Tell the world I’m coming home

March 31, 2015 When watching that game-winning goal by Judd Peterson Friday night, in real time, it felt to me like something out of a bad Disney sports movie. more »»

Pictures of the journey

March 26, 2015 Everyone has his or her own way of getting through a Copper Country winter, of marking the passage of time until the earth is green and the wind no longer stings our faces. more »»

A memory that lasts forever

March 25, 2015 They accomplished something very few athletes will ever do. They, of course, are the Calumet High School girls basketball team, who won a Class C state championship over the weeken. more »»

Nobody puts Huskies in a corner

March 24, 2015 In 1996, I was a junior in high school. Yes, I am well aware of how old that makes me. However, that is not why I bring this up. more »»

Community champions

March 19, 2015 Throughout my writing career, I've tried to avoid 'piling on,' writing about the easy and common controversies and playing to the crowd to generate cheap 'heat' on the page like you see on televised... more »»

No stopping an avalanche

March 18, 2015 It's one of those inexplicable things that happens in sports every once in a while. more »»

A memorable playoff series

March 17, 2015 Before the No. 4 Michigan Tech Huskies took to the ice on Friday night, a pregame video highlight package played with the Fall Out Boy song “Centuries,” playing in the background. more »»

Questions many in spring

March 11, 2015 It's a phrase that is awaited eagerly by baseball fans every March. “Pitchers and catchers report today.” What is it's true meaning? It simply signals the end (in most places) of winter's cold grip. more »»

The phoenix

March 10, 2015 Last weekend, the No. 4 Michigan Tech Huskies had a chance to win the MacNaughton Cup for the first time in 39 years. They needed to win both games against the Northern Michigan Wildcats. more »»

Buzz returns to area

March 4, 2015 It's been a long time since I've heard this kind of buzz around town. The buzz I'm referring to is the special sound when sports events of magnitude are about to take place. more »»

A black and golden era

February 26, 2015 One day in the relatively recent past, I found myself considering the rarity of Michigan Tech basketball clinching GLIAC Tournament quarterfinal home games in both men's and women's basketball. more »»

Some sports feats defy logic

February 25, 2015 There are some athletic feats that just defy logic. Some of the most memorable I can recall happened right here in the Upper Peninsula. more »»

Road to a championship

February 19, 2015 My first winter in a ‘new’ car has been a bit of a challenge. Driving in the Copper Country can be a challenge when the roads are clear and there isn’t Portage Lake Lift Bridge Construction going o. more »»

Recent All-Star games a travesty

February 18, 2015 There was a time when I would watch all-star games in every sport. Not any more. These so-called all-star events have become, with the exception of major league baseball, complete travesties. more »»

Favorite records

February 17, 2015 If I say 24, what do you think of? The television show with Jack Bauer? A large container of soda cans or alcoholic beverages? The number of hours in a day? How about the number of wins the No. more »»

Time to have ‘the talk,’ Tech

February 12, 2015 Sit down, junior. It’s time we had a talk. When a hockey team and their record love each other very much, some times something happens that’s called the NCAA Tournament. more »»

Repetition key to free throw success

February 11, 2015 More than a few basketball coaches have lost hours of sleep wondering why their teams can’t make free throws on a consistent basis. more »»



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