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Window is closing for the Tigers

June 18, 2014 For a team that was being compared to past champions just a few short weeks ago, this year's Detroit Tigers have fallen faster than a lead balloon. more »»

Why we put up with FIFA

June 17, 2014 If you own a Twitter account, Facebook profile, smartphone, computer, Xbox, any screen with a working internet connection or are a carbon-based life form with mild interest in sports and athletic... more »»

32 teams, two minds

June 12, 2014 Once again, I've waited until the last possible day and the last possible moment to share with you my unsolicited opinion about the 2014 World Cup, which begins later today in Sao Paulo, Brazi. more »»

Ifs and buts don't usually work

June 11, 2014 Just the other day a local Detroit Lions fan came up with a scenario that would put the perennially beleaguered team in the playoffs this season. more »»

History has many brain cramps

June 10, 2014 Along with leaving the University of Wisconsin with a degree in journalism, I doubled as a history major three years ago because apparently I needed a framed piece of paper to confirm my lack of... more »»

U.P. Finals bits and pieces

June 5, 2014 Saturday's U.P. Finals were a grand day in the sun for several local athlete. more »»

Taking the heat

June 4, 2014 The batter crumpled to the ground after the fastball nailed him squarely in the back. more »»

Rose, by any other name, still a cheat

June 3, 2014 Pay attention to national sports media long enough, and you will see the same stories circulate in and out like the tide. more »»

In praise of all sports

May 29, 2014 You may know by now that the World Cup is starting two weeks from today. We've talked about it a bit and there have been a lot of commercials. This is not a column about the World Cup. more »»

Cassettes and coelacanths

May 27, 2014 Just the other day, I asked my teenaged granddaughter if she knew where I could find some blank cassette tapes.  "Who uses cassettes anymore?" she asked. more »»

There are no common cards

May 23, 2014 Everyone's got to have a summer project and I'm already well into mine. more »»

Talking World Cup soccer

May 21, 2014 There are two types of conversations I have been having recently regarding the upcoming World Cup. The first is a giddy exchange. more »»

NFL Draft an exercise in overkill

May 20, 2014 It's now official. The annual National Football League draft has become the second-highest rated football event on television. more »»

In search of an apology/The Red Line

May 15, 2014 Sometimes I wonder if the National Weather Service gets complaint calls like me. more »»

We can do better than draft grading/Michael Bleach

May 13, 2014 Get sports writers in a bar together for more than one beer and the conversation is bound to go in two directions. more »»

Scouting, sleuthing and shivering/The Red Line

May 8, 2014 You know how they say an idle mind is the devil's workshop? Well, the Red Wings are kaput, the Pistons finished nowhere near the playoffs, the Tigers are roughly 130 games away from the finish line... more »»

Reflecting on stars I never saw/Paul Peterson

May 7, 2014 During a conversation with John Hanner of Houghton a couple of months ago, it occurred to me that I had missed seeing some of the top athletes in the area. more »»

Is anyone really an NFL Draft expert?/Michael Bleach

May 6, 2014 The NFL Draft is finally upon u. more »»

Anthem about patriotism, not performance/The Red Line

May 1, 2014 Forced to come up with a new idea after realizing it is somehow too early on May 1 to write a “when are the golf courses opening” column, I was at a loss. more »»

Finlandia prepares field of dreams/Paul Peterson

April 30, 2014 In the popular movie "Field of Dreams," the major line in the movie is: "If you build it, they will come. more »»



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