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Progress ... on the ‘move’

April 30, 2008
The Daily Mining Gazette
HANCOCK — cofounders Jeffery Primeau and Heath Sundstrom are settling into their new office in Hancock. Their new workspace, like the previous, comes with a spectacular view. The only difference is, it’s on the other side of the bridge.

“For the first time in 12 years we are now located in Hancock,” Primeau said of their recent move from the Upper Peninsula Power Co. (UPPCO) building on the Houghton waterfront to their new fourth floor office in the Citizens Bank building in Hancock. “We were really lucky to get the corner space with the view. This new location provides more space and Citizens Bank has been very accommodating to us as a new tenant.

Primeau, the director of marketing and communications, said the UPPCO building is in the process of being sold to Michigan Technological University. Current tenants were given the option to stay, however, Primeau said they thought it would be in the best interest of the company to look for a new location elsewhere.

“We were asked to stay,” he clarified. “But due to impending adjustments of our physical space in the UPPCO building, my business partner and I opted to relocate.” is now located on the fourth floor of the Citizens Bank building at 400 Quincy St. in Hancock.

One of the things has been seeing a lot of lately, Primeau said, is both new and existing clients coming to them for “very customized solutions via the Web.”

“We’ve seen an influx in very customized Web projects,” he said, citing an existing client, the Ojibwa Casinos, as they were looking to integrate an online reservation system into their current Web site for its two properties the 4 Seasons Inn and the Ojibwa Casino Hotel.

Michele Schjoth, marketing manager for the Ojibwa Casinos, said they were initially looking at adding an online reservation system to their current in-house software, but the cost was an issue. was able to accommodate their needs for a fraction of what their reservation software vendor would have charged.

“We had already been working with when our site went live in 2005 and I was really happy with the level of service, so when we looked at implementing online reservations, I came back to them,” she said. “It was definitely an affordable solution, adding this service to our Web site with Not only does it add value to our Web site but it improves our competitive edge and it’s easy to use.”

The online reservation system is expected to go live in the next few weeks, Schjoth said.

“Many of our clients, both new and existing, are more aware of what’s available via the Web today. We’re actually seeing an influx of clients presenting us with a list of requirements, rather than us having to pitch our services to them,” Primeau said. “Like Michele at the casino, for example, she came to us with a specific list of requirements and asked, ‘Can we implement these online?’”

Web programming is very unique, Primeau added, in that even though the system they’ve created for the Ojibwa Casinos is for lodging specifically, it can be broken down and applied to a variety of other applications/businesses large or small.

“From a business perspective, it’s refreshing to see this adaptation with our clients. It truly makes us feel good, as it’s confirmation that our clients are taking their Web sites seriously,” Primeau added., now in its 12th year, prides itself on its professional Web design which in fact also makes up part of their service mark, “Professional Web Development. Clearly.” When they started the business in 1996, Primeau said it was the perfect partnership since their personalities were about as far apart as two people could get.

“I’m very much right-brained when it comes to our business partnership, the big picture, creative aspects of a project, divergent, if you will. I guess that explains why I did poorly on all parts of exams in school with the exception of essays, which I loved.”

“Heath, on the other hand, is very logical. The logistics/programming that go into these types of projects is what he does best, and he’s brilliant at it,” Primeau said. “We’re two very different people, yet both bringing something to the table. That says a lot in business.”

While has created a name for itself in the Copper Country when it comes to professional Web design, Primeau said his goal was to achieve just that.

“From a branding perspective, I’ve often said that my goal was to become the Campbell’s Soup of Web design on a local level. Think about it, when someone mentions canned soup, one immediately thinks Campbell’s. And locally, when businesses and organizations require Web development, it’s great to know that ‘opus’ has become a name that people can immediately think of. That, in and of itself, is a brand and it resonates with people.” is on the fourth floor of the Citizens Bank building at 400 Quincy St. in Hancock.

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