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Bringing wellness to the community

May 28, 2008
The Daily Mining Gazette
HANCOCK — What does a hot stone massage, detox foot treatment, filtered, energized water and pilates all have in common?

They are all services offered at Serenity Massage and Wellness Center located at 920 Water St., Suite 1 in Hancock. The Wellness Center combines a team of professionals who specialize in a range of wellness services from massage therapy, spa treatments, laser and electrolysis hair removal, women’s health and fitness classes. They wish to offer wellness product previews and demonstrations along with community awareness and education on topics such as stress reduction, nutrition, and how to avoid toxins and dangers in our environment.

Each professional is her own entity, however, they work cooperatively out of the same office.

“It’s a group effort. Our focus is to bring wellness to the community,” said massage therapist Stephanie Dixon, owner/manager of Serenity Massage. “It is a convenience for the community and the therapists (to have a central location).”

At Serenity Massage and Wellness Center are massage therapists: Stephanie Dixon, Pam Crick and Emily Newman, who specialize in relaxation massage, deep tissue/therapeutic massage, hot rock therapy, office/chair massage and salt scrubs; Elyssa Karstu and Kara Sorvisto have also joined Serenity Massage after recently completing certifications bringing a variety of new techniques and modalities with them.

Angela Campioni, of Angela’s Massage & Spa, specializes in Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofacial release, headache massage, hot stone massage, spray tanning and European clay treatments; Kristine Kyro, of Kristine’s, specializes in Swedish and deep tissue massage and brings many years of experience to the Center.

Massage therapy can help in many ways: stress relief, improved joint mobility and flexibility, improved immune function, chronic muscle tension due to posture, occupation, or soft tissue trauma. “Each therapist has a unique talent and style to share with their clients.” Dixon said. “A lot of people in the community need avenues to improve their quality of life.”

Hair removal services are also available through the Hancock wellness center. Kim Hope, RN, of Hope Med Spa, offers laser hair removal, as well as facial treatments including microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Registered and licensed electrologist Roberta O’Connell, of Bare Image, specializes in electrolysis, or permanent hair removal for all hair types.

“Electrolysis compliments the laser hair removal because it can target any gray, white or dark hairs,” Hope said.

O’Connell, of Greenland, Mich., said in today’s world, people care about how they look and she’s hoping to help them boost their self-esteem. “I’m hoping to be a part of helping with their appearance and confidence,” she said.

After practicing for the past year at Image MD in Ewen, O’Connell said she wanted to venture on her own. She said Bare Image expects to open in late June.

For women’s health and expectant mothers, professional midwifery care is available through Serenity Massage, Dixon said. Sandy Pera, of Precious Blessings, offers prenatal care, childbirth classes, labor and delivery, postnatal care, Well woman care, health and nutrition counseling, among other services. Pera has been practicing for more than 15 years.

Another facet of services offered by Serenity Massage and Wellness is group fitness classes. Nationally Certified Fitness Instructor Deb Faust is trained in high/low impact aerobics, step aerobics, pilates and kick boxing and creates an energizing, supportive boost in to fitness. Summer classes are available and a Saturday morning pilates class is now running. Serenity Massage and Wellness Center will be holding a Wellness Expo June 2nd through the 6th that will introduce services and feature wellness products available through the Wellness Center including a variety of detox programs at a discounted price to suit your different needs for liver function, weight loss, and general detoxification; Mona Vie demonstration and samples, a nourishing beverage that synergistically combines 19 body-beneficial berries and fruits, particularly the acai berry, to create an incredibly nutritious drink that is high in vitamins and antioxidants; Bonnie Kukkonen and Wellness Homes Unlimited will be offering free magnetic rollouts and product demonstrations. Massage therapists will also be on hand to offer complimentary massage. Customers are asked to call ahead to reserve their times.

In the future, Dixon said she has plans to organize a wellness “get-a-way” that will include nutritious meals and two nights’ lodging. There will be presentations to inform the participants about ideas, concepts, techniques and products that promote personal wellness and opportunities to incorporate these services and products in to the weekend experience. It is an excellent opportunity to “recharge” and connect with others seeking a similar experience. The goal behind the wellness center, Dixon said, is ultimately to help people reach a balance or “homeostasis” in their lives. “It’s all about natural health, prevention and taking care of yourself before disease sets in,” she said. “We want to provide a warm, nurturing, safe, clean and professional environment in order to promote the serenity, balance and quality of life you need.”

“In cooperation with other businesses, the wellness center is looking forward to growing with the needs of the community,” Kyro said.

Kyro and Campioni concur that we are all working together to accomplish this mission.

Serenity Massage and Wellness Center is located at 920 Water St., Suite 1 in Hancock. Call 370-6865 to schedule for the Wellness Expo or for more information. To contact the therapists directly, call:

Pam Crick 281-3910

Emily Newman 503-308-3904

Kristine’s 369-0408

Angela’s Massage & Spa 370-6007

Bare Image 906-883-3140

Hope Med Spa 483-0808

Precious Blessings 906-250-1969

Fitness Classes 370-6865

Editor’s note: This feature is part of a paid advertising package purchased by Serenity Massage and Wellness Center of Hancock. Businesses interested in being featured on the Business page may call Yvonne Robillard at 483-2220.


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