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Keepin’ the body movin’

July 2, 2008
The Daily Mining Gazette

HANCOCK - What do low back pain, headaches and ear infections have in common?

They're all examples of health conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care.

Dr. Jim Peterson, of Peterson Chiropractic & Nutrition (PCN) in Hancock, believes that chiropractic is the foundation for optimal health and wellness. He said the correct alignment of the spine allows for proper nerve flow which is essential for all systems of the body to function at its maximum.

Chiropractic care involves manipulation/adjustment of the joints - spine - and associated therapy to promote spinal integrity. Chiropractors manipulate/treat the joint dysfunction (subluxation) by using the hands, or a small instrument, to put small but specific movements into joints to restore proper motion.

"What we do that's pretty unique to chiropractic is to restore proper motion to the small individual joints of the body," Peterson said. "This is done to stop irritation to the nervous system and restore that aspect of our health."

Problems with the joints and other health issues can stem from differing and overlapping causes of physical, emotional and chemical origins.

Peterson said physical is when individuals lift or sit wrong, don't exercise or do it incorrectly, or otherwise injure the body with trauma. Emotional stress from everyday life can also change the tone of the muscles and release different hormones that have a negative impact on an individual's health. Chemical stresses come from poor overprocessed diets with food additives, pesticides and herbicides, he said.

"We here at PCN like to take the whole body approach. Treating the physical aspects to get a person out of pain as quickly as possible is our primary goal but shortsighted," Peterson said. "Treating the whole person takes more dedication on the patient's part. We are just the one with the shove in the right direction."

Through the use of dietary changes and/or food supplements made from whole food, Peterson said he can help patients strengthen themselves as a whole, not just parts. He's always encouraging proper exercise, good nutrition and pushing for lifestyle modifications.

"We want to get people to stop smoking, drinking coffee and soda by the gallons per day, eat better and supplement when needed and do quality regular exercise fitted to the individual," he said. "Then we get better recovery and prevent or greatly delay chronic, disabling diseases, not just stop a back or head ache."

Peterson, originally of Livonia, Mich., completed his undergraduate studies at Michigan Technological University in biology and received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis.

Dr. Peterson has a brother that is also a chiropractor in downstate Novi.

"He went to Palmer Chiropractic College so we could share two different educational experiences. We decided to become chiropractors after my brother's daughter Lindsey's colic was helped by our family's chiropractor," he said. "It just clicked for us that we wanted to be able to help people like that also."

Patients to Peterson Chiropractic & Nutrition can expect a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. Office manager, Jen Peterson, who is also Jim's wife, greets patients when they arrive for their appointment, as does their dog, Scout, a near one-year-old shepherd-lab mix.

"The kids just love him," Jen said. During the appointment, Peterson said he begins by finding out the patient's medical history, followed with an exam.

"During the examination we'll determine if an x-ray is even necessary," he said. "Then we discuss a variety of treatment options."

Peterson sees a wide age range of patients from the very young to the elderly.

Chiropractic care can be one important tool in the management of a number of health problems associated with children. Peterson said he's seen children for ear infections, colic, constipation, asthma and even bed wetting.

Unlike a medical doctor, a chiropractor does not "treat an infection or condition; we treat the areas of the spine that could affect the problem."

Instead, Peterson said chiropractic therapy for conditions like ear infections can help to remove interference of the nervous system. This controls the immune system system as well as drains the ears to create an environment where infection does not like to stay. Young or old chiropractic care is a very natural effective way to enhance and restore health.

Peterson Chiropractic & Nutrition is located at 424 Quincy St. in Hancock. For more information, call 483-0371.

Editor's note: This feature is part of a paid advertising package purchased by Peterson Chiropractic & Nutrition of Hancock. Businesses interested in being featured on the Business page may call Yvonne Robillard at 483-2220.



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