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If the shoe fits, wear it

Peters Orthotics of Hancock in step with foot-care needs

August 20, 2008
The Daily Mining Gazette

HANCOCK - Your feet carry you through life. From work and sports to everyday activities, comfortable fit, support and individual shoe adjustment make all the difference.

While orthotics are commonly prescribed for adults with diabetes, the overweight, athletes and people born with foot deformities, nearly everyone can benefit from custom orthotic devices, says Jim Peters of Peters Orthotics at 920 West Water St. in Hancock.

"Your feet shouldn't hurt. If they do, something is wrong, and ignoring the pain may only make the problem worse," says Peters.

Foot function affects the entire body. Properly fitted orthotics as well as specific shoe lines including Orthofeet or New Balance may even relieve knee, hip or shoulder pain.

If you've tried "gellin" with generic shoe insert products don't expect to get the same results as customized inserts.

One size does not fit all, notes Peters.

"There are a lot of products out there on store shelves or even on the Internet, but you will not get the same results as having lifts or inserts made specifically for you," says Peters. "Being able to analyze your gait and how your weight is distributed, as well as compensating for any differences in leg length, allows me to fit the product to your feet and your condition in a customized way."

Most people have a measurable leg length difference of a quarter inch or more. Leg length discrepancy can cause a variety of aches and misalignment. Heel lifts are firm, wedge-shaped shoe inserts which better balance the lower body by adding to the length of the short leg at the point where the heel strikes the ground while walking.

Peters uses proven techniques such as gait analysis and foot casts to create products for your individual needs. Devices are molded to fit the individual foot while supporting the heel, arch, ball, ligaments, tendons and bones.

Diabetes is at epidemic proportions in America. Because foot blood circulation problems have been well-documented, Congress has passed legislation that many people don't know about which provides services and shoes at low or no cost.

If you qualify, Peters Orthotics can handle the paperwork for you and fit you with the proper shoes to take care of your feet. You do not have to be diabetic, overweight or suffering from lack of mobility to need orthotics. Sports orthotics can improve performance and comfort in every realm of activity, including baseball, football, running, biking, walking, golf, hockey, soccer and skiing. Peters, formerly a competitive downhill ski athlete, notes that most professional sports teams and athletes have a pedorthic specialist on staff.

"All athletes at all levels can benefit from custom orthotics," he says.

"I developed some great expertise and relationships with my clients at Northern Orthotics of Baraga over my 12 years with the company," Peters says. "I am pleased to be striking out on my own, carrying my reputation for good work and customer satisfaction with me to a convenient location. We did a lot of other types of work at Northern Orthotics. At Peters Orthotics I am solely focusing on treating foot problems."

Almost anyone can benefit from orthotics. Does one side of your shoe wear out faster than the other? Do you frequently sprain your ankle or have chronic heel, shin, knee or lower back pain? Do you suffer from strained arches, bunions, calluses, hammertoe or just plain tired feet? Peters Orthotics is ready and willing to help.

"And because I am right here in our community, any adjustments that may be needed can be accomplished quickly," says Peters. "The most satisfying part of my profession is working with patients to set goals and achieve the desired results."

Even those who do not qualify for the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program will find that custom orthotics and attractive, functional specialty shoes are more affordable than one might think.

"The average price point of $250 is low considering adjustments made as needed as well as guaranteed satisfaction," notes Peters.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 483-2420.

Editor's note: This feature is part of a paid advertising package purchased by Peters Orthotics of Hancock. Businesses interested in being featured on the Business page may call Yvonne Robillard at 483-2220.



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