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Working from home while helping others

October 29, 2008
The Daily Mining Gazette

CALUMET - With today's economy, many people are looking for work or looking for a way to supplement their income without moving out of the area.

Carla Palosaari, of Calumet, found the answer six years ago with a nutritional supplement in the form of a shake. Now, she not only gets to work from the convenience of her own home, but she loves helping others to build an income, too.

"Anyone can do this business," Carla said. "All you need is a phone and a passion for helping people."

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Carla Palosaari enjoys a nutritional shake from her kitchen where she has also built an international business.

Carla had done house cleaning for 20 years and had to cut back on it due to health issues. With no health insurance, Carla and her husband were in a situation that many people are in today - not making enough money to make ends meet.

"We live in the house that my husband was born and raised in and have an amazing view overlooking Traprock Valley," she said. "Moving out of the area just isn't the option for us."

At first, Carla tried the product because of the 100 percent money back guarantee.

"My plan was to take it exactly as it was recommended and then if it didn't work, I would have a clean conscience when I got my money back," she said. "But three days into it, I slept through the night for the first time in over ten years. Normally, I would get three to four hours of much interrupted sleep and wake up feeling like a Mack truck had run over me sometime during the night."

Two weeks of sleeping at night was life-changing for Carla.

"I wasn't so fatigued and I wasn't so irritable and that was priceless to my husband," she said. "I knew I would take this forever if that was the only result I ever got."

Carla also knew that if others experienced the same results as her, she would find the answer to her financial problems. Ultimately, she decided to drive to Chicago to attend a conference to learn more about the company.

"What I learned was that a microbiologist had spent 10 years mixing hundreds of different formulas with the idea that if you had healthy, hydrated cells, you would have a healthy body," she said. "What I saw there was a couple of thousand people who were so excited to share their results. They all said the same thing - that this is just good nutrition put together in the right amounts in a way that the human body can absorb. Our body is really the miracle. It's designed in a way to heal itself as long as it has the proper nutrients."

It made perfect sense to Carla.

"I was always overwhelmed when I went into a vitamin store and tried to figure out what I needed to take," she added. "Here, it was all put together for me."

It seemed that everyone there, no matter how average they were or what their background was, they were earning an income ranging from several hundred dollars a month up to several thousand a month, Carla said.

"I just about fell off my chair when I heard the CEO say, 'Don't worry about making money, just focus on helping other people get what they want, whether it's with their health or finances, and you will have what you want,'" she said. "I couldn't believe my ears. A CEO saying, 'Don't worry about making money ...' I honestly thought this is either the best con I've ever heard or I've just found the answer to my prayers."

It turned out to be the latter for Carla.

What excited her the most about the business was the 90 percent buy back guarantee on any unopened product for up to one full year.

"It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. In the first two months, I replaced my cleaning income. I couldn't believe I could turn a profit right away and have my own business with no overhead costs," she said. "I didn't have to come up with a marketing plan or be a nutritionalist, or a sales person because there's a great system already in place with unbelievable support."

In six short years, Carla built an international business right from her kitchen table that has tripled her family's income. And, she said, the potential is unlimited.

"I absolutely love that I have no boss, no commute and I don't have to beg for a day off. I can travel as much as I like because I can do this business from anywhere," she said. "But, my very favorite part is when people come back and thank me, not only because they have their health back, but because I've been able to help them build an income from home, too."

If you're concerned about securing your health or financial future or just interested in more information, you can call your local independent distributor Carla Palosaari at 337-0628.

Editor's note: This feature is part of a paid advertising package purchased by Carla Palosaari of Calumet. Businesses interested in being featured on the Business page may call Yvonne Robillard at 483-2220.



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