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We deserve better than this mess

October 30, 2009
The Daily Mining Gazette

We hate to say it, but we told you so. Look at what is happening with the latest fiasco called passing a state budget and look at who is caught in the middle of the battle - our children.

We have said for months now that all of this bickering back and forth was nothing more than a smokescreen to force people to agree to raise taxes in this state; however, we were hoping it would not stoop to the level it has in involving our childrens' future.

It appears as though that is the way our government wants to work and now it is a battle between Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the Republican-led Senate and its leader Mike Bishop. Who is going to win this battle is yet to be seen. We still don't like the fact it has come down to this.

Schools already were facing one round of cuts and that was going to hurt some schools as there is not much leather left to be notched in that ever tightening belt. Now, Granholm has decided to make another round of cuts saying it is necessary to meet the projected shortfall.

That is where it seems to start to get fuzzy in Lansing and we all are left wondering who is telling the truth.

Granholm says the cuts are necessary, Bishop says the cuts are not needed, and now a non-partisan Senate agency has come out and said maybe we should wait to see if cuts are necessary. It is enough to make a person want to take a bottle of aspirin.

No matter the case, it should not have come to this. Both sides should have gotten together to hash out this mess that has been looming for months and is not going to get better. No, instead they want our children in the middle as pawns in this battle. That is not good government.It is time we stand up and say enough is enough. It is time Lansing starts dealing with the issues at hand. If not, then maybe it is time to clean house and elect a legislative body that will do what it is supposed to do and not do whatever it takes to get re-elected. This state, its citizens - and more importantly the children - deserve better than that.

DAILY PRESS (Escanaba)



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