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Firearm deer season goes out with a bang/Woods, water & worse

December 3, 2010
By Jim Junttila

Michigan's firearm deer season mighta ended with a bang November 30, but it ain't over yet, not by a long shot. Extended bow season and winter partridge season re-opened Dec. 1-Jan. 1, muzzleloader season runs today-Dec. 30.

If you thought our firearm deer camp coverage was intense, we're not slacking off a bit for bow and black powder season. WW&W correspondents will be rounding up the usual suspects, and if you think they were controversial before, they're heading for notorious now. Wildlife correspondent Paris Hiltunen remains my most popular pundit, but political correspondent, author and all-around outdoor girl Sarah Palinen is hot on her heels, and they're 5-inch stilettos.

That's sky high by Keweenaw fashion standards, but conservative compared to the tall-tined trophy bucks with 10- to 12-inch G2s and G3s the size of KBC beer taps taken this season, with others still running around taunting Yooper archers and muzzleloaders.

Paris and Sarah's lively carnage-carnal banter in last week's column struck a responsive chord out there and my email spiked, mostly from male readers, but a few women as well, who wondered if Paris was willing to share her vast carnal knowledge and was she available for seminars?

"Was is the correct verb," she replied, "I've moved on. There's only so much you can learn and do in the carnal realm, and I've taken my game to the next level, carnival knowledge; like carnal knowledge with rides," she explained, hinting she might consult at both levels and disciplines once she gets her heels wet.

"It's a natural skill set progression," she confided, "like getting your Master's with a PhD on top; you can't blame a girl for furthering her education while she's hot, can you?" she asked aspiringly.

"Her thirst for knowledge makes me thirsty," Sarah acknowledged. They're both a force to be reckoned with; Finding fresh rubs in the woods is one thing, I hang out with them hoping some of that wisdom will rub off on me. They have skills that most girls only read about in Cosmo.

Speaking of skillful correspondents, you've got Arbutus Peterson, Phoenix Store; Judy Rota, Vansville, Holly Leskinen, Cliff View Inn, John Deer, White House, and Buck Snortinen, Drift Inn, to thank for the official WW&W 2010 Buck Poll. I personally conducted enough hunter intercept surveys and barstool interviews to hazard an educated guess at my own peril.

"WW&W recognizes and congratulates more successful hunters than any other outdoor column in the UP and Lake Superior watershed," said whitetail pundit John Deer.

Local hunters filling tags are Frank Taddeucci, 16 pt, Robbie Remale, 6 pt and 8-pt; Dave Jarvi, 8 pt, Mark Oberg, 8 pt/230, 16 pt, Risto Alholinna, 11 pt/205, Joe Langdon, 6 pt, Fred Fountaine, 8 pt, Dan Glinn, 10 and 8, Larry Smith, 8, Roxann Smith, spike, Gary Bracco, 6, Kathy Westcott, 6, Dan Jarvi, 5, Phil Baranowski, 7, Joe Ellenich, 7 , Ron Oja, 7, Derrill Laurie, 6, Suds Laurie, 4, Adam Frimodig, forkhorn, Bruce Murto, spike, Barry Koljonen, 8, Byron Muljo, 9 & 8, Phil Mulnar, 8, Jacob Mitchell, 8, Eli Mitchell, 3, Bob Hoffman, spike, Paul Tatrow, 7, Mike McMahon, 3, Jeff McMahon, 8, Bob Bykkonen, 6, Eric Bykkonen, 4, Bill Bykkonen, spike.

Justin Dudenas, 6, Randy Rastello, 4, Pete Rastello, spike, Roger Perreault, 8 & 5, Josh Tregnowan, 6, Ed Garrow, 6, Bill Mesner, 8, Bonnie Dyni, 10, Emil Dyni, 8, John Taylor 8, Brian Stuart, 8, John Phillips, spike, Pete Capello, spike, Jeremy Maki, 6, Dan Nicely, 6, Jake Ladd, spike, Tom Hall, 6, Steve Hamilton, 5, Bill Johns, 3, Ryan Kaura, 6, Jake Mitchell, 8, Jesse Derrill, 5, John Simila, 8, Craig Cummings, 10, Jerry Rota, 4, Wendell Canfield, 3.

That comes to tons of venison, delicious, nutritious high-speed beef harvested from the Keweenaw, not to mention the aphrodisiac value of the antlers alone. If your freezer is so fulla venison makara, steaks, roasts, chops, burger and jerky that you can't close the door, give me a call. This is my 15th annual standing offer to taste test all samples submitted. I know you like Paris and Sarah just the way they are, but fresh venison might put a little meat on their bones.

In late-breaking outdoor news now covered with snow, Jodie Monticello won back-to-back Women's club championships at Calumet Golf Course, and Indianhead Mountain, Wakefield, opens for its 51st season today.

Jim can be reached 24/7/365 at jjunttila@, even during archery, black powder and winter partridge camp.



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