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Roving reporters all over rip-roaring rut/Woods, water & worse

Woods, water & worse

November 25, 2011
By Jim Junttila , The Daily Mining Gazette

"My Facebook page and email lit up like a Christmas tree after I got to run last week's column," WW&W wildlife correspondent Paris Hiltunen tweeted happily, "but I didn't do it alone, and I wanna thank the dedicated photojournalists whose awesome coverage of Yooper deer camp culture and carnage left well-heeled larger news networks in the dust."

WW&W's intrepid rut-roving reporters covering Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga, Ontonagon and Gogebic counties, are native Yoopers Bruce Crossing, Paul Ding, Oskar Bay, Sandy Bottom, Sarah Palinen, Florence Wisconsin, Crystal Falls, Sue Sainte-Marie, Mary Nesco, Merri Weather, Buck Fever and John Deer, all of whom iPhoned it in from the most legendary venison venues in the U.P., some calling direct from Hunter's Balls so lively they put in for hazardous duty pay.

"They do their yobs a heckuva lot better than our dysfunctional Congress and have fun doing it," said WW&W political correspondent Sarah Palinen, "Plato said it best, the penalty for not participating in politics is you will be governed by your inferiors."

"Amen to that," said WW&W senior religion correspondent Amazing Grace, blessing a bowl of booyaw at the Church in the Valley, a south Houghton County watering hole with deer nearby, and a congregation of thirsty hunters. "About the only thing worse would be a theocracy."

"The so-called super-committee was a total misnomer," Palinen preached to the choir, "I'm embarrassed by both sides and proud to be an independent; I don't need help from the left or the right to dress out a deer and filet a fish, she added self-sufficiently, "and I look good doing it, a lotta polititians can't pull that off."

Exhaustive one-on-one hunter intercept surveys and the kinda probing impromptu focus groups that WW&W opinion dynamics surveys are made of were conducted at notorious venison venues including the Rousseau Bar, Maple Leaf, Mariner North, Mosquito Inn, Drift Inn, Dreamland, Dolly Partanen's, Cliff View, Vansville, Church in the Valley, Billy the Finn's, Bella Vista, Jarvi's Bar, Weasel's, White House, Gay Bar, Alaskan Inn, Keystone, Bam-Bams, Bergland Bay Bar, Hoop 'n Holler, Bear Belly Bar at Lac La Belle Lodge, several VFWs, American Legions and Elks Clubs. I know, "Whew!"

This valuable cutting-edge creative research is available to polititians interested in targeting the demographic heart of hearts and mind of minds of their Yooper hunter constituencies. You know who you are. Call or email now for special holiday rates.

Barney and Holly Leskinen fed the masses the best wild game jambalaya, venison booyaw and makara I've ever tasted at the Cliff View Hunter's Ball, one of the premier social events of the season. Reign, hailed as "the most awesomest three-piece band in the Keweenaw," played up a storm to a packed house, and bartender Emily Johnson kept hunters mesmerized and well-hydrated with her world-class Paris Hiltunen impersonation.

"Some say deer hunting and beer hunting go together like bucks and does during the rut, and it ain't over yet," cautioned Buck Fever. "Don't miss the Hunter's Ball tonight at the Drift Inn, downtown Copper City, featuring the fabulous Wingnuts."

"It's my third straight year of being first on the board at the Cliff View," said Joe Boulton, who shot his 4-point 130-pound buck with a 45-70 Ruger 3 at fifty yards at 8:17 a.m. opening day. Talk about immediate gratification.

Rounding out the Cliff View buck board so far are Eric Frimodig, 4 pt/120 pounds; Adam Frimodig, 5 pt/130; Dr. Phillip Barry, 7 pt/150; Doug Moncell, 10 pt/185; Kurt Hamlin, 11 pt/205; Jim "Reggie" Regis, 10 pt/182; Mike "Stringy" Strucel, 9 pt/170; Jon Arntsen, 7 pt/191; Dan Tober, 8 pt/165; Jim Gariepy, 4 pt/108; Karl Heikkila, spike/120; Dave Mull, spike/110; Annie King, 4 pt/125; Daryl Lauri, spike/125; Butch Kipina, 8 pt/213; Ted Tober, 4 pt; Dennis Newman, spike/130; Ralph Goodman, 6 pt/150; Cathy Westcott, 6 pt/160; John Dudenas, 10 pt/221; Bill Jahns, 8 pt/191; Hunter Jahns, 10 pt/125.

On his first trip to Copper Harbor and first time hunting north of Tennessee with his dad Bob Polly, Brandon Polly, Lakeland, Tenn., shot his first buck, a monster 12-point, 240-pounder, with his 35 Marlin.

Hunting with his dad, Michael Dudenas, 11, got his first buck on his first hunt (7 pt/140). Also hunting with her dad, Kayla Keranen, 15, shot her first buck (8 pt/150).

Stay tuned to this column for continued coverage of carnage in the Copper Country next week.

Jim can be reached 24/7/365 at even during the rut.



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