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In the Catbird Seat/Joe Kirkish

Thoughts from a cockroach

February 2, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

It's Archie here, Boss, your inquisitive cockroach, with more questions.

One of your philosophers said something about there being at least one war in everyone's lifetime - why, Boss? Fight over possession of land? Greed? Defense? Who decides it's time to stock up on the youth of a nation, train them to kill or be killed, then return the survivors to live like humans again - if, with an indefinite future, they can live normal lives again - wounded in body and mind, and strangers to their own kin. For what, Boss? No human being deserves that kind of treatment, especially when someone manufactures suspicious reasons for personal gains - and at what a cost!

Boss, we cockroaches don't understand. We don't do war. In fact, we don't even have a word for it.

I asked Mehitabel about war. She didn't understand, either, though she did admit to some scratching around with her feline competition once in a while - a skirmish in an alley is about as bad as it gets.

Another thing, Boss, I wonder why stores sell everything made in China,

When you have people out of jobs here and desperate to return to work. I hear that "American Made" used to stand for something, Boss, while "Made in China," like "Made in Japan" years ago, only means cheap junk. You pay less for what's turned out by slave labor, only to find that it never lasts. Don't people ever learn, Boss?

And look at those political Super PAC l attack ads. Politicians aren't statesmen anymore, Boss; they allow anything, say anything, sell anything, to buy an office. They're sold like products, Boss! Watching, it's enough to make a cockroach sick. And the politicians who spend the most money seem to win. This is democracy, Boss?

I wonder about those negative campaigns, Boss! Are the candidates really that bad or just desperate? Your earlier statesmen, like Abraham Lincoln, would never stoop so low. I'm wondering how long it will take for Americans to look for the best candidate, not the best commercialized?

Speaking of ignorance of facts, Boss -- how about this fuel situation? We know that consumption of fossil fuel is creating disastrous global changes. So why are powerful corporations and their political buddies pushing to bring more - like offshore drilling or down from Canada - when it seems to me the emphasis should be on consuming less? Sure, they use the old standby argument about job potentials - a cheap shot, Boss, just waving the current flag with magic words on it. And who gains in the long run - not the human race. Can't people see the big picture, Boss?

Is it all about money again, Boss? Who wins when the Big Boys put something over on humans by appealing to self satisfaction - again and again?

What do you people really want - affluence again? It never brought happiness, Boss, just more junk you don't need. And there's no end to it. Mehitabel is happier in her alleys than you with oversized homes, three-car garages and spending to keep up with the Jonses.

Cockroaches like one another for being who we are, not for what we've got. Who needs a whole loaf when just a nice crumb will do?

Forgive me, Boss. I'm all wound up.

But before I go: Why are you more concerned with making money than becoming better educated? And why do you spend more time twiddling with electronic gadgets than communing with nature, which is free - if you don't ruin it first - and wonderful?

And why do you do nothing about profanity in all entertainments, and why do you accept their pitch about unregulated gore and sex? Sex is an appetite, Boss, and like all appetites, it's best kept under control. Once it becomes an addiction the pleasure is gone.

I hope you'll have some answers for me when I return, Boss.

For now, your friend, Archie.



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