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Thinking about stuff

April 13, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

In those long winter months, there is time to reflect on life and think about stuff.

I never listen to or watch political ads on TV, because if their lips are moving, they're probably lying.

If we believe everything we see and hear on TV, we would be living in fear. For instance, nuclear weapons are the stupidest thing man ever invented and in the 21st century we're still involved with them. They should have been eliminated years ago; at least after the Cold War was over - the main reason being they can't be used for obvious reasons. They cost money to maintain, money we don't have. And they scare the heck out of many people, knowing there are crazy people with their hands on those big red buttons.

Speaking of money, can you count a trillion dollars? They say we are leaving our grandchildren with the burden of paying off our national debt. They must be joking. America's national debt is $15 trillion, and there is $1.3 trillion added each year. Our grandchildren could give the government all the money they earn, plus we could take all the money away from the rich, (about $2.5 trillion) and the debt plus interest we owe wouldn't be paid off. By the time my grandchildren start to work, the debt will double or triple. Do the math. You can't do the math? Don't feel bad, neither can these talking heads that cram all this stuff in our heads on the boob tube every day.

My guess is when we become a liability instead of an asset to our lenders, they will stop lending us play money, then we will be forced into bankruptcy. All that will be left will be the rich and the working slaves who will serve them.

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Note: I'm no expert on our American flag but when I go to get the mail daily, I go past the Mohawk American Legion building and I notice the flag on the pole in front of the building is tattered. Can that be repaired or does it need to be replaced? During war, our service people may be a little bit more sensitive to our flag and expect their American Legion flag to be in good repair, as Old Glory is flying in the breeze. Just a thought.





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