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Two ways to be enslaved

April 14, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

John Adams warned, "There are two ways to enslave a nation, one by the sword, the other by debt."

To be the world's warlords for the global money powers has cost Americans dearly.

After taking to the max and depreciating the currency to pay debt and still running short, the government looked within for ripe plums to pluck.

What they saw was two well-run service agencies, the social security service and the U.S.postal system.

First, they got President Johnson to unlawfully transfer the built-up wealth in the Social Security trust fund to the General Treasury for their plunder. Now, there is a shortfall for Americans to take on the chin.

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Next came the great U.S. Postal system. From 1775 to 1971, the Postal Service was a taxpayer-funded service, until President Nixon established the "Postal Reorganization Act." Since 1971, the U.S. postal system has not taxed one dime from the taxpayers, covering its own cost with profits.

Yet the propagandist bemoan the USPS lost $13 billion in the last four years, when it actually showed a $700 million operations profit. What's happening?

President Bush/Congress passed the "Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act." Only politicians could dream up a nightmare like this requiring the agency to yes, pre-pay health care benefits not only for current employees, but for all employees who will retire in 75 years, including employees not yet born. And the agency must fund this until 2016. This politically motivated nightmare cost our postal system $5.5 billion per year, causing our "postal crisis."

Plus there is a 40-year old "accounting error." The "Federal office of Personnel Management" has overcharged the USPS by as much as $80 billion for payments into the civil service retirement system.

So we see how these two great institutions, social security and the postal system who've served Americans with dedication have become cash cows for political plunder.

Because more money is needed for funding the upcoming (third world) war, as this administration recently informed our (ceremonial) congress, they get their orders from the United Nations and N.A.T.O.

The government of, by and for the people has been invalidated, comrades.

Larry Korpi




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