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Racial questions out of proportion

May 11, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

Those who say, "Be color blind to racial differences," should practice what they preach. Consider the reaction to the fatal shooting of an African American teenager in Florida by a "white Hispanic," as the shooter was first described.

That emphasis on race was out of proportion to its importance. The biased message was that George Zimmerman is a white racist who shot the teenager because he was African American.

Zimmerman's racial identity as a "white Hispanic" suggests a predominantly Spanish ancetry he doesn't have.

It was then revealed that his father is white and his mother is Peruvian. That makes as much sense as saying one parent is white and the other is Floridian. Being from Peru or Florida doesn't identify race.

Peruvians are 45 percent Native American, 37 percent mestizo (Spanish and Native American mixture) and 15 percent white (mostly Spanish). In other words, 82 percent are at least partly Native American.

If President Obama, who is half white, can be considered African American because of the other half of his ancestry, then Zimmerman qualifies as a non-white Hispanic. That poses a dilemma for radical white liberals who despise their own race and negatively stereotype it. They classify Hispanics as "people of color" victimized by a society dominated by "evil" white men.

Years ago on CBS, Mike Wallace interviewed President Ronald Reagan, asking him how many African Americans were on his campaign staff. He didn't know, so Wallace commented, "There's your answer," suggesting that Reagan was a racist.

Reagan should have responded by asking Wallace how many Native Americans, Eskimos or Polynesians worked for him or were in top management positions at CBS. If Reagan had asked such a question, do you think anyone in the TV audience would have heard it?





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