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Veterans deserving

May 16, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

After reading The Daily Mining Gazette articles regarding Michigan veterans' benefits (or lack there of), I had to write. I needed to voice just how disgraceful it is that our state's veterans are treated this way and more people need to speak up.

My dad was a captain during World War II, and my father in-law a sergeant during the Korean War, just recently receiving his purple heart for being wounded. My father-in-law has also spent countless hours and efforts on veterans' issues. But you don't have to be a veteran, or know and be related to one in order to speak out on their behalf. The job they do isn't just for any company providing their income, but for this entire country and every single person who was, is or wants to become an "American."

It wasn't until this past winter when I got into watching war history on the Military Channel that I learned plenty about what sacrifice really means. The more I saw, the more I wanted to learn about it all. The incomprehensible Holocaust may have piqued more interest in the beginning, but I found myself drawn in to everything leading up to, during and post WWII.

I feel pretty guilty for not paying more attention way back when in history class, and to my "two Dads." I sure understand why it's so hard for some (Dodo), yet a relief for others (Sarge), just talking about their experiences. The things they endured would be difficult for anyone to explain.

Veterans are now able to have survived it all (unfortunately for some, just barely), only to be last to receive all the benefits they deserve, especially compared to what our state spends on criminals.

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Prisoners have it more made being taken care of than our men who fought for their country. When I heard that, I asked myself: Would it really be a concern if our governmental officials decided to just take away from those incarcerated in prisons, concerning their health and welfare in order have the extra funds needed to spend on good law-abiding citizens, especially veterans? (Doing time-for a major crime - shouldn't cost them a dime).

Not just in Michigan, but every state as well. Surely no one would debate or argue if they did that? I hope not, and if you do agree please rally others to press this concerning issue ASAP.





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