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Truth sounds like bigotry

May 18, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

I don't understand why we Christians can't speak out against articles we don't like, things that are happening in our community and world that are contrary to the Word of God, without being called some derogatory names like bigot or homophobic.

There was no evidence of fear, hate or bigotry in the April 28 letter to the editor titled "Shocking articles," only truth.

The truth will sound like bigotry to those that have hardened their hearts against righteousness, God and the Bible, but it is truth that makes us free if we are willing to accept it.

I see the gay pride movement as a group of homosexuals trying to convince the rest of us that their sexual behavior is normal; even nature (animals, the birds and the bees) teaches us it's not normal.

What homosexuals do in their private life is their business, but I for one will never accept them as normal having the right to get married.

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It's not about homosexuals being nice, intelligent, happy people; they may love each other, but God created Adam and Eve to reproduce their kind. Marriage is a sacred institution created by God for His purpose; any sex outside of marriage is sexual immorality and therefore a sin. In God's covenants with mankind, homosexuals have no right to get married.

We do not have the right to judge unbelievers (sinners) but we have the right to speak out against evil, and anything we see that is causing moral decay to our country. Example: It was a sad day to hear our confessing-to-be-a-"Christian" President had accepted and testified on TV that same sex marriage is okay with him. This makes a mockery of God's Holy Bible to have a Christian with so much influence speak contrary to God's Word; this is so absurd. Marriage is between one man and one woman.

America was a Godly nation founded on Jewish, Christian moral beliefs but has become a secular nation, with not reverence for God; fame, fortune and self-centeredness are gods now.

Note: I've heard it said before: "We are all children of God." Sorry, but that's not true. Read what Jesus said about it in John 8:37-47. Some are children of the devil (verse 44).





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