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Unanswered questions

July 28, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

Ironically, media won't cover United Nations talks regarding an international small arms control treaty that could jeopardize America's sovereignty/rights to bear arms.

Heard of (President Barack) Obama's "Project Vote," "Fast and Furious," "Obamacare," "CIFTA" or "ATT"?

The small arms treaty will follow goals of the 2001 "U.N. Programme of Action on Small Arms," which requires installation of national gun registries, collection agencies for guns once they've been registered, including, "develop and implement, where possible, effective disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration programs, including the effective collection, control, storage, and destruction of small arms and light weapons."

Google "reintegration programs."

Heard of "repatronation camps"?

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Could ATT mandates be spun, banning all conventional weapons, small arms, and ammunitions within participating nations, including America?

Heard of Obama's intent to disarm America?

Did Obama state Obamacare wasn't a tax?

Did (Congresswoman Nancy) Pelosi state "Pass the bill to see what's in it"?

Did Supreme Court justices state Obamacare could only be "Constitutional" and lawful if it were a tax?

Did Obama's cronies testify under oath Obamacare was a tax?

Did Obama know about/condone their testimony?

Did Obama lie to America?

Did Obama's cronies lie in their Supreme Court testimony, ensuring Obamacare, a law America's majority didn't want, was enacted?

Would Obama/liberals lie to America to disarm "Bible-toting, gun-loving citizens," as they've been described?

Would Obama/liberals lie to Americans to rewrite parts of our constitution they disagree with, to ensure "citizen militias" couldn't be mustered to defend America against any/all foreign/domestic enemies?

Should America ever enter any measure that could allow anyone to dictate America's domestic policies/laws?

Should America ever give up its sovereignty?

Did Obama enact martial law during peace time, providing himself the flexibility to arrest/detain anyone without rights of due process being afforded them, utilizing military forces to enforce his laws, including gun registration/confiscation?

Why are (Attorney General Eric) Holder and Obama refusing to surrender documents related to Fast and Furious that would identify its operational objectives, including the identities of American/foreign personnel/elements, their involvement, and planned countersurgency operational objectives worldwide?

Why won't Obama secure our borders?

Why won't Obama enforce our immigration laws, when it's a crime not to?

Why haven't criminal charges been levied against Obama for refusal to uphold our laws he doesn't like"?

Why doesn't Obama want positive voter identification, allowing manipulation of elections like Project Vote did in 1992 and ACORN did after Obama joined it as legal counsel?

You decide.

Raymond Wickstrom




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