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Harboring a dream

August 17, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

I've always harbored a dream that Paul Ryan would debate the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the other nonsensical fact-avoiders in regard to the $15 trillion debt and $1 trillion plus deficit. Now we may finally get a peek at the truth as the boldest and smartest governing budget mind will be a focal point and get a much larger stage to make his salient points (borrowing 40 cents on every dollar spent is really bad).

There will be those who toss excrement at the public regarding the Ryan budget, however, he will smartly counter by throwing facts. In the end, there will be a few thoughtful people who understand he has a reasonable plan that will rightfully change our country.

A challenge for those who disagree: Please state what you would propose to do. Sure, you can tax the rich. However, that doesn't solve anything, even though it makes some of you feel better about your lot in life.

And no, he doesn't want to kill your grandmother.

Hopefully we will now quit the lame bipartisan discussions regarding questionable citizenship, unpaid taxes, randomly killing wives, and the other completely irrelevant hooey that has become the front-and-center thrust of the campaigns. There is one issue that trumps all and Ryan has been the responsible one who has chosen to address, rather than avoid, the fact that we are a skewer of souvlaki away from becoming Greece.

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The time has come for a smart man armed with fiscal stones to address the wild irresponsibility of our leaders with something more substantial than discussions about whether my truck caused a heat wave.

Ryan would have been my choice for president simply because he understands the financial mess and he is, love him or hate him, the only one who has articulated a plan. The pedantic platitudes that often spew from the donkeys and elephants won't change the fact that this man is a positive for the future of our nation.

The only negative is that we are likely eight years away from a Ryan presidency if Romney wins and four if he loses. Obviously a tough call.

Fiscal sanity should be part of government and so should Ryan. I can't wait for him to destroy Joe Biden during the VP debates.





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