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Fire Mr. Obama

September 20, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

The recent tragic events involving embassy personnel in Libya and related acts of violence directed at us throughout the Middle East is yet another failure of the Obama administration, this time on the foreign policy front. We stuck our noses in Libya, Egypt and "unofficially" in the Syrian crisis to allegedly free the people from oppressive dictatorships and instead we're unwittingly encouraging the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood. As Americans, are we so naive to think the Muslims have our best interests in mind?

Wake up, folks. This President has gone out of his way to cozy up to the Islamists for the past four years at the expense of Israel and our national security. Simultaneously, the left, with the assistance from the American Civil Liberties Union and liberal judges promote efforts to eliminate references to God wherever possible and to establish a purely secular society. While we argue about what to do with our borders, we allow more mosques to be built and elements of Islam to be incorporated into our culture and perhaps ultimately our judicial process. It is beyond my comprehension why any Catholic or Jewish person would support Obama in light of his pro-Islam rhetoric and policies that conflict with fundamental Catholic tenets. If Islam is truly a religion of peace, where are the majority of moderate Muslim voices throughout the world and why aren't they organizing against the extremists?

Domestically, if Mr. Obama were in the private sector as chief executive officer of a large corporation, the board of directors would have fired him long ago for his out of control spending, devisive economic rhetoric and deteriorating racial relationships. If he were the manager of a professional athletic team and his rhetoric promoted in-fighting that contributed to repeated losing seasons, do you think he'd be retained?

This election isn't about a president who's in over his head. It's about ideology and what America should be in the future. He and his liberal supporters know what they're doing and where they want to take us. Why do you think they have such disdain for the Constitution and our traditional values? Perhaps they are hindrances.

Because this election will dramatically shape our future, please consider these points on Nov. 6 and vote first as an American and not simply on traditional party lines. Ask yourselves, who best will defend our values, our allies and the Constitution?

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