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Loving your enemies makes sense

September 29, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

This summer, our grandchildren came to visit. It was challenging, to say the least. They are 4, 7 and 10 years old. They all want your attention at the same time and that's impossible, but expected because we only see them once or twice a year.

I gave them their own Bibles and told them the words Jesus spoke were in red. My grandson, age 7, started to read his Bible and was puzzled when he read in red letters: "Love your enemies." He was reading from Matthew 5:44. He said: "That doesn't make sense." I told him: "If God wants us to love our enemies then we do it." Later on, when he can understand, I will give him the reason God wants us to love one another, even our enemies.

To those cursed with a sin nature and have free will, much of what the Bible says doesn't make sense, either. It's only when we accept Christ as Lord and Savior do we begin to understand that God's word makes sense. Through the teaching from the Holy Spirit, we see things in a new light. We are no longer self-centered but love others as we love ourselves. By the renewing of our mind, that is: by studying and doing what the Bible teaches us to do and by having the mind of Jesus Christ, we stop doing as the world does but start doing God's will.

Loving your enemies makes sense if we look at them as God sees them; as lost souls in need of a savior. Just as we all were lost, "enemies of God" before we saw the light and surrendered "Our Will" for "God's Will," "Our sin nature" for "God's righteousness" through Christ Jesus.

God doesn't want anyone to perish (go to Hell) but because of free will we choose where we will spend eternity (John 3:16-21). God doesn't condemn anyone to Hell. We are our own worst enemy if we reject God's free gift of salvation; we can't save ourselves.

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"Love your enemies"? Do you love your worst enemy, yourself, enough to at least search for the truth? God loves you so much, Jesus died, was buried and raised from the grave so everyone that accepts Him as Lord are set free from their (sin nature) and will receive everlasting life.

Jack Sprietzer




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