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Futures sold through trickery

October 3, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

The long-term survival of humankind may very well hinge upon the efforts of free-thinking young people around the world to arrive at some rational consensus regarding the long-term goals of our species.

Humans have long sought to discover the "purpose of life." Discovering purpose usually implies seeking out the will of some transcendent force or being. The search for purpose has primarily served to create groups that hold mutually incompatible notions of ultimate purpose and, as Mark Twain once observed, "have made a graveyard of the globe in trying their honest best to smooth their brother's path to happiness and heaven."

Setting rational goals is different than discerning purpose. Setting goals requires humans to think about what kind of world they want to live in and what kind of world they want to leave to future generations. Goal setting requires weighing competing priorities and such an exercise can enable us to come to terms with our own desires and how our own ideas are similar to and different from the other human beings that share the planet.

The pervasive nature of the world wide web provides an open platform upon which such goal-setting deliberations can emerge and be sustained.

Such online deliberations have undergirded the Arab Spring uprisings and in the Occupy protests around the world.

Politicians know that the best way to control people is keep them from talking freely to one other.

Corporations promote a ceaseless barrage of good-guys vs. bad-guys hysterical utterances via their intentionally polarizing media holdings like MSNBC and FOX News.

While you're fretting about the feds taking away your gun, corporate manipulators are working to eliminate your job, your retirement, your pension and maybe even your house.

Young people are awakening to the awareness that their futures are being sold through the incessant trickery and deceptive practices of a few wealthy people willing to sacrifice the future success of the many for the sake of preserving the temporary advantage they enjoy in the status quo.

Rather than seeking to encourage the emergence of such a global conversation, these same corporate- owned and controlled media choose to ridicule and demean these bold young voices.

Meanwhile, the guardians of the status quo work tirelessly peddling their divisiveness and their hysteria, while the subservient media rake in record profits running the attack ads for the best politicians that money can buy.





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