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Why is Marx so loved?

October 13, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

The mad social engineer Karl Marx, said he was in favor of "free trade" as it would bring about socialism quicker.

It was President Clinton who first passed NAFTA, GATT, and WTO supported by Republicans to bring about the deindustrializing of America, which is still continuing.

That's why it was necessary to pick up revenue shortages from taxes with QE-1, QE-2 and now QE-3 which is open-ended at $40 billion a month.

Last year, to be the global bankers warlords, it was estimated to cost us $2.2 million per minute for every hour, for every day, for every week, for every month.

Margaret Thatcher said, "Socialism works great until you run out of other peoples' money." And with around 180 social programs in America, we are running out.

Karl Marx was the first to write on "climate change," though he wrote on global cooling. Anyone with knowledge knows the climate throughout history is always changing.

While no treaty was passed on this global bankers' moneymaking fraud, our President bypassed Congress and ordered the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate our coal burning power plants, eventually shutting them down because of mercury pollution, though we have clean burning technology in our plants, so expect energy costs to soar. We have the world's largest supply of mercury-free coal in southern Utah, but President Clinton by executive order outlawed it from being mined.

And Karl Marx wrote on the necessity of abolition of private property/rights. Both political parties are imbedded in Marx's concept with the United Nations Agenda 21.

And Karl Marx wrote on the necessity of a central bank (Federal Reserve). With their unconstitutional and fraudulent money system they have our nation on the threshold of financial disaster.

Why do so many Americans, especially in all levels of government, love Karl Marx's concepts and despise our founding fathers' concepts, our constitution/bill of rights?

P.S. Mega insurance companies spent an estimated $3 billion to promote and pass "Obamacare" to lobbyists to influence our "on the take" Congress which will destroy health care as we've known it. Money talks.

Larry Korpi




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