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Choices have consequences

October 16, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

This November, the choices we make in the election can have serious economic consequences and ramifications that could affect the way we live or die for generations.

Democrats are focused like a laser on preserving Social Security and Medicare without any drastic benefit changes, not just for those already receiving benefits, but also for the upcoming generations.

Republicans have always wanted to dismantle Social Security and pour the money into a stock market-type privatized retirement investment with up to a 20 percent commission on gains. But who knows where the market value will be in 30 years? People in their 30s and 40s are worried about how they're going to get by when they retire. With tough economic times it has been increasingly harder for young families to bank retirement savings.

Medicare is another issue. Democrats want to stay with the single-payer system we've had in place for 45 years with a 3 percent administrative cost along with some internal changes to provider imbursement to keep the program solvent for the next decade. Republicans have a haphazard taxpayer funded voucher program that would eventually gut the present day Medicare system and cost taxpayers thousands in long term medical costs.

Voting for a Democratic president alone will not preserve these two very important programs. For President Obama to succeed, we also need to elect Democrats who will stand with him.That means electing Democrats like Gary McDowell to the Congress and re-electing Debbie Stabenow to the Senate.

At the local level, Matt Huuki voted for PA 38, eliminating the individual $600-per-child family income tax deduction, cutting the $300 elderly home heating credit, and eventually abolishing the homestead tax and earned income tax credits. This balanced the State budget at the expense of Michigan's poor and elderly.

Democratic candidate Scott Dianda will work to repeal PA 38 and the damage Huuki has done, by taking tax loopholes and subsidies away from corporations, to rebalance our State budget in a fairer way.

It's plain to see the choice you make in November will have a tremendous effect on you and your future. Will it be Republican again, or the Democratic common sense choice?





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