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We need informed citizens

October 18, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

I recently received an email recommending the film "2016." It is done by a "conservative" in the same manner that Michael Moore did his "liberal" documentaries. There may be some truth, but it is skewed to make the director's point.

I like (President) Obama because he grew up in Indonesia, the only democratic Muslim country. We had a wonderful Christian exchange student from Indonesia, who has many Muslim friends and is free to study and achieve in her country, like we are. I like the fact that Obama has restored our standing with the rest of the world through tactful negotiations, rather than belligerent oratory. (The family of our exchange student from Germany is very worried that (Mitt) Romney will start a war with Iran if elected.) I like the fact that Obama did not grow up with wealth, that he is a wonderful family man, and that he is black (the fulfillment of Martin Luther King's "dream"). Much of what I hear coming from the Republican opposition in Congress and on FOX news sounds racist.

The Bush-Cheney years led to the recession and left us with two unfunded wars, which were dumped on the Obama administration.

I credit Obama with keeping this country out of a full-blown depression. The economy would be a lot stronger now if the Republicans had been willing to compromise and work with a Democratic president.

Citing our founding fathers for their actions is misguided. There were plenty of disagreements in the framing of our Constitution; it took many compromises from all of them to come up with the final document, and they recognized that it would have to be amended as time went on. In fact, our Bill of Rights was the first ten amendments.

I am concerned that a spokesman for the Republican party said they did not care about what the "fact finders" say - the facts are not important. To me, the facts are very important. I am afraid our country is too easily swayed by "sound bites" and doesn't examine the truth in the statements. We need informed citizens who study both sides of the issue. We need objective reporting. And we need to hold our elected officials accountable. Barack Obama never promised that the recovery would be quick or painless. But our economy is improving and it is stronger than four years ago.





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