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Poor choices in November

October 22, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

Poor choices in November

To the editor:

Once again, voters are facing really poor choices this November. Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on just about every major issue. The only issue he has remained consistent on is his love for big government. And so-called conservatives are heading to the polls to vote for this Massachusetts liberal, in hopes of fending off the Big Bad Wolf Obama. To vote for an evil candidate to stop another evil candidate is still evil. As long as people keep voting for scumbag candidates, the Republicrats will keep giving them more scumbags to vote for. Enough, already. You don't have to cast your vote for either major party candidate. Find an independent candidate, write in someone, or stay home and read a book to your kids.

On a more local level, when Matt Huuki won his seat, I had hopes that the preborn citizens of Michigan would have an ally in the House (of Representatives) - someone who would use his position to champion the cause of life. I believe Rep. Huuki is still pro-life in his heart; therefore, I am at a loss to explain his seeming reluctance to champion the issue of life. Sure, he has signed onto some incremental pro-life bills, like many Republicans and Democrats do. He even signed onto House Joint Resolution HH (2011), a personhood amendment.

Unfortunately, although we have a Republican governor, attorney general, secretary of state, senate and house majorities, and even though the committee it was referred to is chaired by a representive who co-sponsored the same legislation in 2009 (but didn't sign on this time), the bill went nowhere. There is a big difference between throwing a bone to pro-lifers by signing onto pro-life bills while focusing on (stupid) non-issues like trailer brake clarifications and school district superintendent consolidations; and actually fighting for pro-life legislation.

If Rep. Huuki chooses to focus on non-controversial legislation, that's his choice. But if he chooses to do so, he shouldn't expect to get the votes of those who are serious about stopping abortion. I cannot in good conscience vote for him again, as I did in 2009. There is a saying, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I urge all pro-lifers reading this to send a message to all candidates, whether federal, state or local. Either you get serious about protecting the preborn, or you don't get my vote.





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