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Change needed

October 23, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

This November (6) is the most important election in my lifetime. We have an opportunity to change the direction of our country.

President Obama has had almost four years to get this great country going in a positive direction and he and his administration have failed miserably. I am going to use an analogy about something I feel I know very well:

If a football program is failing and the administration decides to make a coaching change, they will give the new staff two or three years to turn it around. If, in three years, and in a real stretch, maybe four, they fail, then certainly they won't be given four more years.

President Obama took over an economy that was going in recession and claimed he would turn it around during his first term. In fact he said, "If I don't do it in three years, I will be a one-term president."

Let's look at his record. Unemployment over eight percent. Six trillion dollars added in debt. Twice as many people on food stamps and six million people on disability. We definitely are becoming a society more and more dependent on Big Government.

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will take us in a new direction. Mitt Romney is a very successful businessman who will lower taxes, lower regulation and work to get the 47 million (people) who don't pay federal income taxes good jobs so they can and will pay taxes. Work is very important to give a person a feeling of self-worth.

Back to football - Calumet has defeated Hancock for the last 10 years. If we follow the president's concept of redistribution, Calumet should give Hancock a couple of their good players to level the playing field. I doubt if Coach Croze is going to share the wealth and no one expects him to.

The only common denominator for success is hard work, determination and self-reliance.

I ask all of you to look past your own self-interests and think about our children and grandchildren. Look deep into your heart. We need a change and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will provide it and if they don't, they will be gone in four years, and they should be.

One last word, whatever you subsidize, you get more of and what you tax, you get less of.





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