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Consider past history

October 30, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

When you vote on Nov. 6th for president, please consider the past history of the two major parties.

Vice President Biden said it best in his V.P. debate with Paul Ryan, stating, "I am sick and tired of hearing the Republicans claiming how they're going to fix Social Security and Medicare and our budget debt. Show me some facts, don't just talk about it. Where's the math?"

It's all about whose political plan will work and which party has a history of fighting for the rights of the working class. Biden addressed the television audience: "Look at our political history, my friends, and see which party has a long history of looking after working people!"

Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected in 1932, inherited the Great Depression, largely caused by deregulation of the banking industry. FDR and other Democrats delivered the New Deal, putting millions of unemployed Americans back to work, and later promoted the passage of the Social Security Act, a retirement plan that has saved millions of disabled American workers and senior citizens from a life of poverty.

In 1964, President Lyndon B.Johnson signed into law The Civil Rights Act, outlawing major forms of discrimination against minorities. In 1965, LBJ signed into law Medicare, saving the elderly from premature illnesses or death and later, Medicaid was enacted providing health care to millions of poor Americans.

President Barack Obama promoted and signed a stimulus program in 2009 that saved our country from a second Great Depression, and ultimately reduced unemployment to 7.8 percent. Democrats supported bailing out General Motors, preserving 70,000 jobs in Michigan as well as adding countless jobs in the auto supply industry. President Obama proposed the Affordable Care Act that will eventually insure 32 million Americans who have no medial coverage, and made adjustments to Medicare {provider payments} that will save $716 million of tax payer dollars, keeping Medicare solvent to 2024.

President Obama ended the Iraq war, set a time line to pull out of Afghanistan and established strict sanctions against Iran to discourage their nuclear weapons program. It was Pres. Obama who set the priority to run down and end the terrorist career of Osama bin Laden.

The record of America's political history shows a Democratic Congress working with Democratic Presidents have always delivered for the American people. Please consider this when voting in November.


Bruce Crossing



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