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Everything will be okay

October 31, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

As we approach Election Day, both Democrats and Republicans should be reminded:

Win or lose, everything will be okay.

The candidates are both men of character; both have the best interests of the country at heart. There are philosophical differences between the candidates, and they differ on methods, but neither man is seeking incompetent. The job of president is a difficult one, it's dangerous, and those who seek the office make a huge personal sacrifice. Each man will do his best, even though you may not agree with how he accomplishes his goals.

The president has power, particularly with regards to the military and foreign relations. However, Congress has equal power to the president, and in matters of the economy the presidential power is dwarfed by that of the congress. If you're passionate, it would be wise to look at the races for the House and Senate. Presidents are almost always given too much blame when things go wrong, and too much credit when things go right.

Neither candidate is evil, and neither is a savior. Each has strengths and weaknesses. As we've learned from history, a president can perform well in one forum, but poorly in another. Nixon was considered fantastic on foreign policy, but atrocious with regards to personal rights. Clinton is credited with coordinating a strong economy, but was nearly removed from office. Reagan, according to some Democrats, would usher in World War III. Carter, according some Republicans of the day, was so inexperienced that he would lead the United States into ruin. Whether you consider President Obama or candidate Romney to be good leaders or bad, remember that this country has survived bad presidents. No man - even a president - wields more power than can be controlled if the need arises.

Recently I've heard people from both sides say, "If so-and-so is elected, I am leaving the country." Sometimes it is simply emotional expression, but I know of a few people who are serious. I can't say whether this shows a weakness in their patriotism, but it certainly shows a weak understanding of the presidency, the country and its history. If your citizenship depends on who wins the election, then leave now and save time and trouble later, because eventually, somewhere down the line, your choice will lose.

Republicans and Democrats alike, please understand: Win or lose, everything will be okay.





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